Brand Audit

Brand Audit

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Looking to revitalize your brand? Not sure what the next step needs to be? A brand audit might be the thing you need to kickstart the next stage of your website or business. I will personally go through all of the aspects of your brand, and provide you with a thorough report of some things that could be done to clarify your mission and your message to potential clients!

I approach each audit knowing there is no one-size-fits-all brand. It's unique, just like you! I'll examine all aspects of your brand, keeping this individuality in mind. Your report and branding guide will contain information on your internal brand, including positioning, values, culture, voice and tone, and unique features. I will also examine your external branding -- this includes logos and design elements, print materials, advertisements, and web content, among many other things. In short, this is your one stop shop for a brand tuneup. 

Stop losing business to other companies with a stronger brand! Take control of your brand and take the next step. 

Please estimate that this process will take two weeks. Please inquire about pricing for companies larger than 20 members.

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