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Bamboo Eau de Parfum

Bamboo Eau de Parfum

I have such a hard time justifying spending a lot on a delicious-smelling perfume. It’s easy to rack up hundreds of dollars on the credit card with only a few tiny bottles of water. I’ve always gone for cheaper options, but more often than not, the smell fades after five minutes, and there’s no trace of it left.

Recently, I had the opportunity to partner with The Fragrance Outlet to talk about finding the best designer perfumes, all at a price that you can afford. They have numerous brick and mortar stores around the US (more than 100!), but also have a beautiful, tidy website where you can find nearly any perfume that you could ever want. I mostly select my perfumes based on reviews I’ve seen on other blogs, or in videos, so the website is an excellent choice if you have a specific name in mind.

After a quick search, I chose the Franck Olivier Bamboo Eau de Parfum (currently on sale!). I had read some blog posts singing its praises and was hooked. The checkout process was seamless and the shipping prices were very reasonable. There’s nothing like getting to the end of the checkout and finding out that shipping is $20+, am I right?

There were two things that I was concerned about in buying a perfume online: shipping time, and a broken bottle. Neither of these things were any issue. I received my package only 44 hours after making my order. Less than two days! And the bottle? Totally unbroken. They go way overboard on the packaging. There’s three layers of padding in between the  outside world and the precious glass bottle, keeping it as safe as it possibly could be. The layers of packing are also beautiful. The perfume arrives in a clean white box, sealed with a sticker and tied with a navy ribbon. It felt like I was getting my own Christmas in July present.

The bottle itself is also beautiful. Clean, dainty lines with a subtle pink tint. The perfume inside matches this same aesthetic with notes of currant, violet, lily, and musk. It’s a delicate scent, not overpowering for even the most sensitive of noses.

Next time you find yourself in the market for a new fragrance, check out thefragranceoutlet.com, and see if you can save a few dollars! The experience and the savings are definitely worth it.




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