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Introducing Blogmas 2017!

Introducing Blogmas 2017!

This year, I am again trying, optimistically to complete Blogmas. That is one blog post, every day, for the month of December, until Christmas. Included in the list are my gift guides, as well as some tips and tricks for looking, feeling, and doing your best at Christmas. Come back every day starting December 1st for all of these awesome blog posts, including some downloadable freebies!

December 1st       - Downloadable Christmas Instagram Graphics (Freebie!)

December 2nd      - December Bucket List

December 3rd       - Gift Guide - Mom

December 4th       - Making a Martha Stewart-worthy Gingerbread House

December 5th        - Gift Guide - Dad

December 6th       - Food Gift Ideas

December 7th       - Gift Guide – For Her

December 8th       - Christmas Playlist

December 9th       - Gift Guide – For Him

December 10th    - DIY Christmas Cards and Gift Tags

December 11th    - Gift Guide – Beauty Gifts

December 12th    - Holiday Travel Tips

December 13th    - Gift Guide – Under $20

December 14th    - Christmas Cookies and Bars

December 15th    - Gift Guide – For Kids

December 16th    - DIY Christmas Ornaments

December 17th    - Gift Guide – Gifts That Give Back

December 18th    - Christmas Tree Decorating

December 19th    - The Complete Christmas Stocking

December 20th    - Classy Wrapping

December 21st    - Healthy Christmas Recipes

December 22nd   - Christmas Pyjamas for the Whole Family

December 23rd    - Christmas Cocktails

December 24th    - Our First Mobile Christmas

December 25th    - Merry Christmas!

See you here tomorrow for our first day of Blogmas!


Holiday Social Media Freebies | Blogmas #1

Holiday Social Media Freebies | Blogmas #1

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