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Cheese-Free Valentine's Day Activities

Cheese-Free Valentine's Day Activities

Valentine's Day! You have to do something right? Well, you don't want to pick something too cheesy or cliche right? Well, I am here to hook you up. Here are 10 completely cheese-free ideas. 

  1. Recreate your first date. If you can, that is. You know? Relive the magic that brought you together? Unless your first date was awful. Then don’t.

  2. Make your own candy. Those gozillion dollar Sugarfina champagne gummy bears? Why not try making your own.

  3. Be a tourist in your own city. We keep saying that we’re going to go to this art gallery…maybe we’ll actually go.

  4. Low-key dinner at home. Going out for Valentine’s dinner is the 9th circle of hell. Just stay home and cook at home. Or you know, UberEats is a thing.

  5. Host a under-$15 wine competition with your friends. Have a gathering at your home, and tell every couple that they need to bring the most interesting bottle of wine they can find. The catch? It has to be under $15.

  6. Paint night! One of those paint and sips? You can do that at home. Throw on some Bob Ross and get painting!

  7. Ice skating. You can fall on your ass together! Bonus if you’re both Canadians, and therefore expert skaters.

  8. Library! Okay, this one is a little cheesy. Embrace your inner nerd and go to your local public library and choose a book for each other. Bonus: Is free.

  9. Spa day. Maybe he’s not into the couples massage, but this is a good idea. You can both get something done, and leave feeling relaxed.

  10. DIY food tour. Pick something that is small, and easy to eat a lot of…for me this is tacos. Try to find the best one in your town.

Have a happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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