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Getting a Good Sleep

Getting a Good Sleep

I love sleep. Sleep is the best. But, teacher life. Sleep is not in the cards. Late nights grading, reading, blogging…it really eats up the hours that I love to sleep. Of course I’m typing this past my bedtime on a school night. Because that’s how it’s always been. I will say that I’m getting the best sleep of my life right now, despite all the obstacles. This is how.

Consistent bedtime routines.

Every night, I try to go to bed at the same time, within about fifteen minutes. I also do my skincare routine, and all those kinds of things before bedtime. It’s delightfully consistent.

Taking advantage of my phone’s hacks.

The new iPhone update has been amazing. The Downtime feature, allowing me to shut off apps after a certain time has been fantastic. No notifications, no nothing. It’s wonderful. I don’t need notifications after a certain hour, and if you try to open the illicit apps, you have to manually say that you want access for 15 minutes.

Eye mask!

I didn’t think that this would make such a big difference. An eye mask that makes the room totally and completely black has drastically changed the number of times I wake up in the night.

White noise machine.

I use an app on my phone that sounds like a very soothing airplane cabin. I fall asleep fast, and it lets me shut my brain off.

Cut out that morning coffee.

Wait. What. Yeah, really. No more Starbucks run, no more percolating drips in the morning. It’s a hard-as-hell adjustment, but getting up in the morning is a million times better when I’m not relying on a literal drug addiction. My brain fog is gone, and it’s easier to get up in the morning, and to fall asleep at night.

Consistent morning routines.

Just like having a good nighttime routine, I have a great morning routine that works well for me. The smoother the morning goes, and how fast I can be ready to go and out of the house, the easier my day will go.

I’ve been really focusing on clean, easy sleep, and I’m finally in a place where that is true. I’m hoping for more improvements, but I’m loving feeling rested and normal for once!

Happy sleeping!

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