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Keep Moving

Keep Moving

I didn’t really have a plan for today’s blog post, to be perfectly clear. Tuesdays are usually saved for personal posts, so that’s what I’m going with today. I have been feeling a little…down…lately. I don’t want to call it the d-word, because I don’t think I’m that far into the hole just yet, but I’m not being my usual self.

It’s a strange feeling where your brain isn't reacting the way that you think it should. I come home tired, stressed, and unwilling to do much of anything. In this blog post, I want to talk about some ways that I re energize and keep going, when I’m in a period of very high stress.

Spend some time making a healthy dinner.

When I come home from work, I’m usually tired and it’s really tempting to grab some fast dinner from one of the many drive-through options, or picking up something frozen from the grocery. I’m not saying that this never happens, because it definitely does, but I do really make an effort to make dinner. This is one of the things that I’m happy we get Plated (review here). It makes it easy to cook something healthy and fancy without a lot of effort. It also takes away the “it’s so hard!” excuse.


Also on the list of things that are hard to do when I’m feeling out of it…going to the gym. I feel like I’m just getting to the place where I think more about how I will feel after the workout. I like it, primarily because it’s a time where I can let my mind go totally blank. I’m not going to the gym as much as I should, but it is helpful.

Keep a three-part to-do list.

When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I write everything down in 3 parts. Things that need to be done by the end of the day, things that must be done within two days, and things that must be done within a week. By culling down the things that I must handle this minute, there’s less that I need to be stressed about. Move that stress somewhere else. Like tomorrow.

Feel pretty.

This sounds a little shallow, but when I can take pride in my appearance, I feel instantly better. If I know it’s going to be a particularly rough week, I’ll plan five days of outfits that make me feel fantastic, and I’ll wear my favorite lipsticks. In high school, during speech and debate, I would always make sure that I felt fantastic about how I looked, because then it’s one less thing that stressed me out.

Sleep more.

When I’m feeling down, there’s some temptation to sleep all the time. Get home from work, sleep. Have an extra few minutes in the morning, sleep. While that is a tough temptation to fight, I do try to get my best sleep. No caffeine after 6pm, in bed around 930 or 10. I try to be off my phone and getting a good night’s sleep as quickly as possible. I also prep as much as I can the night before, from a packed lunch to an outfit laid across a chair.

These are some ways that I try to beat the blues. I’d love to hear what you do to help keep yourself afloat, so please leave them down below!

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