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Realistic Ways to Spruce Up a Rental

Realistic Ways to Spruce Up a Rental

Happy Monday everyone! I hate when I’m trying to look up rental house decor inspo and I’m bombarded with these expensive, highly unrealistic ideas of how to make a house beautiful that you’re only going to be in for a year. We have been in our current rental house for 18 months, and then were in an apartment before that. I imagine that we’ll be renters for a while longer, although as the wedding approaches, we’re getting more serious about home ownership. In my opinion, we have the nicest rental house ever, because we invested in making it feel like home without spending a ton of money. I wanted to share a few easy, realistic ways to do that now!

Add some art!

The thing that make a sad rental sad is the bare walls. Bare walls are the enemy of all living spaces. Some advice would be to avoid the posters-tacked-to-the-wall vibe of high school and college, and invest in some frames. They dress up even the cheapest art. We actually don’t have any art that costs more than about $100, but frames make it look a million times more expensive. We also went with a cohesive color scheme of things that we really love. If you want to see our specific art, I have a post on it with all of our things linked (that I could find!). And while we’re at it, buy some curtains. Real ones, not blankets stuck to the walls. They don’t need to be pricey, and they dress up a place.

Invest in versatile, valuable furniture.

Especially when you know that you’re going to be moving again quickly, or several times over the course of several years, it can be easy to slide to into the realm of cheap furniture that you don’t care about. Don’t get me wrong, we have a fair bit of that ourselves, but we also have pieces that move easily from home to home, regardless of trends or color scheme. We used mostly dark wood frames for our art, and have a hutch, side tables, and a coffee table to match. Most of our furniture is in dark, neutral colors, and our accessories are in simple pops of color that are much less expensive. They fit in any room, and will fit our next house. If dark color schemes aren’t your thing, that’s totally fine. Neutrals can come in many shades, just look for things that tend to match.

Think about rugs.

Our house has no carpet. It’s entirely cheap laminate floors. We cozied up the living room and bedrooms (we’re in a 2br) with a few floor rugs. It pulls the room together and especially helps keep out drafts in the winter. There are also pretty cheap options now from places like Target.

Plants. Plants are good.

Adding a tiny bit of green also cozies up a space. Some favorite plants are succulents…hard as hell to kill…or things like snake plants. The goal is to find a plant that is hard for you to slowly murder. Oh, and stick it in a nice pot.

Unique storage solutions are your friend.

If your rental, like ours, is tiny, you have to have a storage plan or the stuff tends to take over. We have under bed storage, we rotate out closets…we use pretty much every trick that exists. We have a basket for our mail, floating shelves for art…anything that we can do. Under bed storage is something that lots of people know about but few people use, and everyone should.

Tell me, how do you make your rental feel more permanent, even when it’s not?

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