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Sunday Routine for Success

Sunday Routine for Success

Not to pull my own chain, but I’m pretty good at Sundays. Sundays set the whole tone of the week for me. I am a person who really thrives on routines, and Sundays are no exception. I need my Sundays to go well, to set up Mondays and beyond to fly by smoothly.

01     Sleep In

I give myself one glorious day of sleeping in. This is Sunday. I never have to be anywhere on Sunday until at least 9 or 9:30, so this is a wonderful day to sleep in. I usually wake up around 6:30, so this is my big relaxation day.

02     Spend some time with my dog

I will admit that I don’t really walk my dog. She goes to doggie daycare three days a week, and gets lots of cuddles and playing fetch in between, but we don’t often spend time on the leash walking around the neighborhood. Sundays are my favorite for that, whether it’s a walk or a trip to the dog park.

03     Meal plan and grocery shop for the week

It’s not much of a secret that I’ve been working on losing a little weight. For me, the biggest thing that effects my size is what I eat. It’s not how much I exercise, it’s pretty much 100% on diet. So, I’m watching what I’m eating a little more closely. I find that the ability to overeat is linked to lack of planning every time. If I’m just “throwing things together” for lunch, I don’t estimate calories well and I eat too much, or I snack a ton. On Sundays, I plan out everything that I’m going to eat for the week. Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, for me and my partner. I don’t want this to sound like I’m a crazy control freak, because I do have half a muffin from the break room sometimes, but it makes it easier to accommodate snacks if I have a plan that can be adapted instead of it being a free for all.

Then we grocery shop. If you haven’t seen our post on how we save money on groceries, you can check it out here, and it will tell you all sorts of things about our grocery habits!

04     Laundry and lay out my outfits

Just like the grocery planning, I save time in the morning by checking the weather and hanging all my clothes how I’ll wear them for the upcoming week.

05     Cook a big dinner

Sunday dinner turns into lunch for at least Monday and Tuesday for both of us. I usually make a big crockpot full of something that will reheat well. Tonight, I did a big crock of taco that stores well for the days ahead. After dinner, I’ll pack our lunches for Monday. Probably also Tuesday.

06     Schedule blog posts

You’re reading this on Friday morning, but it was scheduled on Sunday! All my blogposts are done by the Sunday before they’re due to post, and I schedule and get the finish touches on them on Sunday night. That way, it rolls straight out when it’s supposed to, without much help for me. It makes it easy for me to promote it and interact with readers, and not spend any of that time working.

07     Intense skincare

During the week, I slack on skincare a ton. Sunday is the day to repent for all my skin sins. I multimask, I double cleanse, I use tons of creams. I walk into Monday looking fresh and ready.

08     Early to bed

The lazy part of my Sunday routine is to goooo to bed. In bed with the lights off by 9:30!

Tell me what you do on Sundays to set up your week down below!

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