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Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance | Palettes Revisted

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance | Palettes Revisted

Something that bothers me a lot about beauty culture is needing to pick up the newest thing and then we don’t hear about them any more. I want to start this new series this year where I revisit super hyped palettes that I don’t hear much about anymore.

This month, that is the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette.

The Basics

This palette retails for $42. This price has not changed since it was introduced, and I know that is how much I paid for it. It has fourteen shades, with a total weight of 1.6 ounces. It is available at Sephora, Ulta, and other mass retailers, as well as from ABH’s website. Inside there is also a double ended eyeshadow brush, which is of surprisingly high quality compared to other “free” brushes. It has held up really well since I got the palette, and I use it regularly still!



The formula of this palette isintensely pigmented. The formula is the same as the ABH singles, and is easy to blend with any brush, including the one that comes in the palette.

The Color Story

The main color story here are the warm reds. I don’t find this palette to be particularly versatile, but it is very flattering. The warm tones are gorgeous, and although there are two reds (one shimmer, one matte), the majority of the colors are brown, gold, or champagne toned. Because of this, many people will find the utility to it.

The shades:

  • Tempera: matte, pale beige

  • Golden Ochre: matte, golden yellow

  • Vermeer: shimmer, pale champagne

  • Buon Fresco: matte, pale lavender-mauve

  • Antique Bronze: shimmer, medium-toned brown

  • Love Letter: matte, raspberry pink

  • Cyprus Umber: matte, dark brown

  • Raw Sienna: matte, neutral tan

  • Burnt Orange: matte, deep orange

  • Primavera: shimmer, gold

  • Red Ochre: matte, deep red-orange

  • Venetian Red: matte, antique crimson

  • Warm Taupe: matte, brown-gray

  • Realgar: matte, burnt orange

Two Looks

Something else that I’ll be doing each time I run this series is to do a daytime look and a more done, nighttime look. Here those are!

Nighttime shades: Realgar, Primavera, Cyprus Umber, Burnt Orange

For a nighttime look, I contoured and highlighted, also went heavier on the eyes and the mascara. I also did the baking thing, which looks BAD in person, but killer in photos.

Daytime shades: Golden Ochre, Raw Sienna, Antique Bronze, Vermeer

Standing the Test of Time

I think that this palette will stand the test of time, and is therefore a good investment. It has a variety of both interesting reds and neutral colors that make it easy to wear! A couple years after it’s launch, I would say that it’s still worth the investment.

Your turn! Do you love/use the Modern Renaissance palette?

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