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Allure September 2018

Allure September 2018

I had already seen a few spoilers about this box, but when it finally showed up, I couldn’t believe how excited I was. Here’s what was in the September beauty box, that ALL subscribers received.


MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo- $18.50 (full size)

Yes. Ruby Woo is pretty much the holy grail of all red lipsticks. It’s a major favorite for me. I will say that the matte finish is really drying and can be unpleasant to wear without proper prep — moisturizing and exfoliating. As far as red lipsticks go, this one stays on and looks great all day.


Tarte Tarteist Pro Lash Adhesive in Clear - $9 (full size)

It’s eyelash glue. That’s all I really have to say. It’s not etter than my favorite Duo Brush-on glue, but it isn’t worse either. I will use it, but probably will not be inclined to repurchase.

Tarte Tarteist Pro Girl Boss Lashes - $12 (full size)

This is a little more than I normally pay for lashes, but not much. This year, I’ve used more false lashes than pretty much any other time in my whole life. These are crazy bold. They are definitely not something that I would wear every day, but for going out, these are very pretty and I will get my wear out of them.


Drunk Elephant TLC Sukari Babyfacial - $24 (sample size)

This is a very good-sized sample, but the real deal is a whopping $80. Wat. This better be the best damn peel of my life. I am a regular user of at-home topical acids (AHAs and BHAs, mostly) and this is apparently the holy grail. My past experiences with Drunk Elephant have been great. I’ve used this just once, because it is recommended for use just once a week. It seemed to make a difference. Not more than my other acid peels (all of which are also hideously expensive), so I might be willing to make the shift. It’s a win from me!


IGK Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel - $2.94 (sample size)

I’ve gotten this before, I think in a Sephora Play. I haven’t found it to be particularly useful at taming my hair (2C waves). I use it in the morning on second (or third) day hair to smooth out any frizz. But, I can do that with any hair gel or cream. It doesn’t need to costs $29. This does smell like a fancy salon with citrus and bergamot, but I don’t really need it.


I’m super happy. It’s all things that are useful and that I will be able to use up, even if they are not things I would pick on my own. If you want your own Allure Beauty Box ($10 to start, $15 each month after!) you can sign up here! Like I said, everyone gets a FULL SIZE MAC lipstick this month, so you'll definitely get your money back out of it!

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