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April in Review

April in Review


This month I have been running behind. We did a ton of travelling, and I got horribly ill for a huge chunk of the month. It just knocked me down in every way, and I wasn’t ready for that to happen. I didn’t have a plan for when things started to derail. I had a really finely tuned balance to my life that didn’t take into account 2 weeks of laryngitis, going on three. Either way, it was a fantastic month and I’m feeling great about it.

Wedding invitations are out! That was a big jump for us, but I’m happy with it. The guest list was the most stressful part of this whole thing, and I’m glad that it’s past the point of no return. Charles and I also started seriously looking at buying at house. It’s been a work in progress this whole year, but now it looks like it might actually happen. Anyway, here’s what we did this month.

Movies/TV (no spoilers!)

Game of Thrones

So, of course I’ve been doing this one. My long-ago boyfriend Tom started me on this back in…I dunno…2012? And I’ve been hooked ever since. Charles has never seen an episode, so we’ve been watching from the beginning and it makes so much more sense now! The new season has also been fantastic, and something we’re loving. 9/10

Avengers: Endgame

I definitely didn’t “get” this one. I have seen about a third of the movies…because there’s just so many! But I liked this one. I felt like there were lots of moments and in-jokes that I didn’t get at all, but I still liked it. We went on opening night, and it was good. I enjoyed it, and would see it again. It was also strangely heartwarming. 8/10

Schitt’s Creek

This is another one that I was late to the party on. A rich family moves to the middle of hillbilly nowhere and tries to make it work. In a lot of ways, this makes me feel a lot of things about living in Montana and the culture that exists here and how dare an outsider say a thing about how we do things. Also funny as hell. 8/10


Midnight in Chernobyl by Adam Higgenbotham

This was a little much for me. It was a nonfiction about all the little events that led up to Chernobyl, hour by hour. It was so incredibly detailed and good, but you have to be in the mood for that kind of heavy, intricate discussion of each and every piece of minutiae. Charles liked it more than I did, I am sure of that. 7/10

Space Exploration by Roger D. Launius

This is a heavily picture-based book about the history of the Apollo missions and other space travels. It’s a really cool reference book, although a little dry. It has been a good resource for planning out space-based lessons for my classroom! 7/10.


This May, we have a lot of stuff going on too! I’m wrapping up the school year,. I also have our bridal shower next week. Ours? Mine? Wedding showers baffle me. I’m so flattered that someone offered to throw me one, but I have no idea how they work.

It’s also a double birthday coming up…27 for me, and thirty for Chuck! And Mother’s Day! And a trip to Canada! The big news is that we are also working through the homebuying process, so my time off is also filled with home inspections, and talking to the mortgage man, and all those little things that fill up the moments in between. More on that at a later date. :)

It’s a busy month and I can’t wait!

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