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Best Podcasts for your Long-Ass Commute

Best Podcasts for your Long-Ass Commute

My commute is...unpleasantly long. If I'm lucky, it's just 30 minutes each way. If I'm unlucky...it can get much longer. I have made peace with my commute, primarily because of my huge array of audiobooks (no Audible plug though, I promise) and podcasts. 

Here are my favorite podcasts, whether you're driving to work, having a roadtrip, or getting on a plane.

Hello Internet

Hello Internet is by Youtube personalities CGP Grey and Brady Harran. They do a good job of two guys bantering back and forth. They pair well together, primarily talking about nerdy things...like their complete review of the most recent Star Wars...but also the difficulties of being self-employed (a life I fantasize about regularly) and travel.The episodes are long...sometimes two hours or more, so it makes the commute go by quickly. New episodes come out irregularly, but roughly every 10-20 days.

Serial...but only Season 1

I've spoken about Serial on this blog before. I still love it, but the second season is significantly weaker than the first. I would suggest doing the first season, and then stopping there. It's hour-long episodes that tell the story of a single crime. The first season talks about the murder of a high school girl. It's not particularly graphic, but does go into a lot of detail. The second season talks more about the desertion of Bowe Bergdahl, and I couldn't get behind it at all. There are two seasons out now, but it's currently on hiatus.

Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History

This is a good podcast if you're already a Gladwell fan, or if you like to know about the hidden tiny pieces of history that get overlooked. It has a very liberal spin, so that's something to consider. It has ten hour-long episodes, but there is supposedly a second season in the works. 


I think this one appeals to me becuase I'm the same age as the host. We graduated high school and college in the same years, and her life seems to have followed the same general path as mine...traveling, meeting guys, trying to set up a 401k. It's a show about the problems that millenials face, and works through to solutions without really telling you how to live your life. It's interesting, and I devoured it. Short episodes...about 20 minutes each, but there's currently 50 episodes out and a Season 3 coming shortly. 

Dear Hank and John

Also by some YouTube personalities, Hank and John read questions and provide advice. Their advice is typically terrible and full of dark humor. I really enjoy it. This one has a run time of about 45 minutes per episode, with new episodes coming out every week or so.

There are so many more...but these are the ones that I enjoy the most. Please leave your podcast suggestions down below. I'm always looking for more!

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