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Best Stores to Shop Online

Best Stores to Shop Online

There are lots of places I like to shop online, like Target and Loft, but there are some places that I can't shop at in person, either by location or design. These are my favorite places for shopping online!


MikaRose is where I go for cool but conservative clothes. They are Provo, Utah based, and cater to LDS women, so the clothes are pretty and feminine, but cover everything up. Perfect for strict dress codes!


As a teacher, I like to keep a supply of nerdy, quirky clothes. Svaha has all of the nerdy skirts and tops you could want! They're reasonably priced, comfortable, and fit whatever you're into, from biology to coding!


I feel like everyone knows about Modcloth, but it's still a favorite. I like the vintage-inspired but classically fashionable silhouettes and they have awesome customer service.


I like Everlane because of how transparent they are about the markup on their clothing. Their stuff is more for the working woman or the office-dweller, but it's durable, fashionable, and ethical. 

Shoes of Prey

I was recently spending a lot of time thinking about shoes for reasons that will become apparent. I bought a custom pair from Shoes of Prey and love them. You can make shoes that look however you want, at an affordable price!

Where do you love to shop online? No affiliate links today, either!

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