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Biscuit's Favorites - 2016

Biscuit's Favorites - 2016

I don’t have any kids, but I do have an incredibly spoiled dog. She really wants for nothing. Of course, on that note, she does have a few things that are her favorites, above and beyond the usual toys and treats. These are her favorite things from the entire year of 2016!


WestPaw Tizzi

I'm sure I've written about this before. It has been affectionately named Peanut Butter Crotch Man because its primary use is to be filled with peanut butter for the dog to lick out. She loves this thing. It's also one of our most durable toys. This was also made only an hour from my hometown, right here in the USA.

WestPaw Bumi

Also from WestPaw, the Bumi, a z-shaped tug toy, is great for our afternoon wrestle. You can tug it, you can throw it, you can chew on it. It's great. 

Kong Wubba

On the less durable side, this is the third Kong Wubba that she's had. She tears the canvas covers up, and then they are dead. This one has lasted surprisingly well. Again, throwable, tuggable, chewable. It squeaks too, but not annoyingly. 

Kong Wobbler

This has been my favorite toy of hers. When she's being particularly bored or obnoxious, I put her food in the Wobbler. She hits the thing around the floor until the snacks come out. Sometimes it takes ten minutes, sometimes it takes an hour. It's entertaining for her, and keeps her busy and out of the way.


As you can see, we have some favorite brands. In terms of treats, Biscuit really prefers the expensive, real-meat stuff. Because of cost, and general nutritional value, we do limit how many of these she gets to eat a day. But her favorite, above all else, is salmon. She loves fish. The smell though...they smell so bad. Open the bag and throw up a little, every time. But she’s so happy! The things we do for those we love, right?

Those are my Biscuit-happiness essentials. She gets bored easily, but these are the things that have withstood the test of time. What are your pet's favorites? We're always looking for new suggestions.

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