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Bouncing Back from a Bad Day

Bouncing Back from a Bad Day

I don’t think that I’m a completely pessimistic person, but we all have bad days. I like to think that I have very few bad days in comparison to the good days. But today? Today was a bad day. I want to know how you get out of a bad day funk. It’s something that I’m not doing the best at right now, but I have a few things that do seem to help.

  1. Go for a walk.

    I like to go for a phone-free walk to help clear my head and get over whatever is on my mind.

  2. Pet the puppy.

    Biscuit is an instant cheer-up machine. She is nothing if not always trying to cheer me up.

  3. Work on an easily complete-able project.

    I find that being able to start and finish something is really helpful at making me feel like my productivity is getting on the right track.

  4. Clean the house a little.

    Also making me feel productive, if I do a little cleaning, it’s helpful at making things a little less cluttered.

  5. Do some baking.

    I did this today! Creating something that takes precision and concentration is something that I’ve enjoyed for a long time. Pecan muffins are on the menu for the next few days.

So what do you do to destress after a bad day? I am optimistic that only good days are on the horizon, but it does sometimes take a little cheering up. I hope that everything is all sunshine and rainbows, and that you had a wonderful day today!

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