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Move Out Cleaning Checklist

Move Out Cleaning Checklist

Taking that cleaning to the next level and switching houses or apartments? I am so excited that this is our last rental house ever, but that still leaves the move. Like most people, we had to put down some cash for a damage deposit, and I fully intend to get all that cash back. Here’s my comprehensive checklist of how to clean your whole house. Here we go.


Fix Major Problems

  • Spackle holes in the walls.

  • Repaint, if you have to.


  • Clean and wipe down all the cabinets, inside and out.

  • Clean and wipe down countertops.

  • Scrub refridgerator, in and out.

  • Scrub the oven, inside and out.

  • Pull out the refridgerator and stove and sweep behind them.

  • Clean out the microwave.

  • Clean the sink and faucet.

  • Sweep and mop the floor.


  • Scrub and bleach the shower/bathtub.

  • Clean toilet, including the actual porcelain. Don’t forget behind the seat!

  • Clean out all drawers or other storage areas and wipe down.

  • Clean sink and counters.

  • Sweep and mop the floor.

  • Clean the mirrors.

All Other Rooms

  • Dust or clean the light fixtures.

  • Dust and wash around windows and on windowsills.

  • Clean window glass.

  • Wipe down doors and door knobs.

  • Wash walls.

  • Wash baseboards.

  • Vacuum, sweep, mop floors.

Garage, Outside

  • Mow the lawn.

  • Pull weeds.

  • Hose off any outdoor stairs.

  • Sweep out an empty garage!

    I want that samage deposit back, and we’re going to get it. Although, like, you could always just hire a cleaner, if you have the budget for it.

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