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ColourPop Peach Collection Swatch & Review

ColourPop Peach Collection Swatch & Review

I have fallen for the peach craze. After managing to avoid the insanity that was the perpetually sold out Too Faced Sweet Peach palette, I picked up a couple of peach-toned goodies from Colourpop. If you've been around for a while, you should know that Colourpop is a favorite of mine.

I recently caught a deal (which always happens at Colourpop...they're constantly having a sale) with four supershock eyeshadows and three liquid lipsticks for $30. That's what I'll be reviewing for you today.

Peachy Keen Supershock Eye Shadow Set

Peachy keen comes with four shades: 

  • Crimper, a true gold with gold glitter -- very metallic
  • Kennedy, this is a very yellow toned peach, and finishes matte
  • Cornelious, a matte warm brown
  • Bandit, warm purple-brown, also matte

As you can see, mostly matte. I don't really like Kennedy. I don't think that the shade is flattering. Maybe it is better on people who are cooler toned, or have darker skin, but I am not either of those things. I like Cornelious and Bandit, and can see getting a lot of use out of them. Crimper tends to perform poorly for me, turning into just straight glitter. Compared to my first experience with Supershocks...this one is a little more lukewarm.

Just Peachy Liquid Lip Set

This set comes with three liquid lips. They are:

  • Instigator, matte
  • Screenshot, satin
  • Speed Dial, matte

All three of these are described as "nude peach" on the website...which I don't think is accurate. They also look identical in the tube, but on, they look very different. The swatches here speak for themselves. I found these colors to be generally flattering and wearable, and I have been using them a lot lately. I think that they will also be good for the winter-to-spring transition that I already can't wait for. A lot of people complain about how dry the Colourpop lippies make their lips, but I don't find that to be true at all. They are some of my favorite formulas in terms of non-drying. That said, the satin is much more comfortable to wear than the matte.

As an added bonus, here's a full-face look using all four eyeshadows, and wearing Speed Dial on the lips. 

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