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Everyday Nail Polishes

Everyday Nail Polishes

I own a lot of nail polishes. I keep downsizing the collection, but it’s still a big number. A number I don’t want to talk about. It doesn’t matter how many you have though, there’s always those few that you gravitate towards, whether it’s shoes or lipsticks or nail polishes. Here are my most worn everyday-appropriate shades.

L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Nail Color in Eiffel for You

I originally bought this as a dupe for Essie’s Chinchilly, when it was out of stock. This one seems like a very basic shade at the beginning, but it different lights it becomes incredibly versatile. IT can be gray, or taupe, or almost purple. It’s one of the few that I can wear every day.

Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy in Checkmate

This one is a much more obvious nude. It’s a very standard beige, but it looks awesome on my skin tone. I think that’s the trick with nude nail polish is to find the one that’s the right shade for you. Checkmate is perfect for me, and only $5.

Essie Buy Me a Cameo

The Essie website calls this a frosted mocha, and I don’t think that’s right. It’s more pink than brown, and it’s flattering for every day wear, including at the office. It’s almost a rose-gold, and is very metallic. The only thing I don’t love-love about it is the formula, which takes three full coats to really look nice.

Nails Inc. in Uptown

This one is in the same color family as Buy Me a Cameo, but is a creamy, non-metallic finish. This mid-toned rose is flattering and easy to wear. My only negative with this is that the formula is very watery, and not as long-wearing as I would like.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Tickle Me Pink

Last one. I usually stick to neutrals, but I think everyone needs a bright red. Although the name is “pink”, it’s red. After two coats, it’s a true red, not pink. Of these nail polishes, the Sally Hansen Complete Manicure ones wear the longest too!

Those are my picks for best, most wearable nail polishes. What are your favorites? Share them below, for your fellow nail addicts. 😉

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