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Fab Five Foundations

Fab Five Foundations

In my recent move, I had to pare down my makeup collection considerably. This wasn’t crazy considering my hoarder-esque collection that I started with. The end result is still large, but not really considering the beauty blogger game when it comes to makeup. 
Still, this meant taking my twelve foundations down to a more reasonable five. Here is what made the cut. I’m also dry-skinned, medium-pale, and prefer a medium coverage, which is what you’ll see here.

High End


Too Faced Born This Way $39

Too Faced Born this way is oil-free, and out of all of these, feels the most like skin. Sometimes I forget that I’m wearing it, which I really like. I don’t necessarily need a 100% flawless base, and this looks great, but still like me. Born This Way has a good shade range that they’re adding more to, especially on the darker end of the skintone spectrum. 


Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+ $39

I’m not sure why I bought this…it might have been back when I thought that I needed mattifying foundations…which I don’t. I kept this one because it works really well in the winter. It’s my palest foundation as well, and it mixes well with other foundations, in case it’s a little too light. It has an okay shade range, with some options for both the pale and deeper ends of the spectrum.


Clinique Superbalanced $25

This was the only foundation on this list that was gifted to me as a press sample. I didn’t want to fall into the hype with the “skin sensing” technology, but I swear that it actually works. This one doesn’t provide as much coverage as I’d like, but it does seem to make my skin feel more moisturized. The pale color selection is very good, but the dark color selection isn’t as impressive. 



Maybelline Fit Me Dewy + Smooth $7.99

The first of my more budget favorites, I bought this one because I had heard good things about the Matte+Poreless version. I like the way that it wears…it will stay on all day. Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to find a great color match, so I save this one for fairly tan days. It is also available in many different skin tones, and is shade inclusive.


Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour $5.59

When this says it will last 25 hours, it will. I save this for nights out, or days when I’m doing something outdoorsy. It will stay on. You will never find a better foundation for under $6. This is my #1 recommendation from the drugstore, provided you can find a good match. Bad news: it’s only available in 6 colors, and none of them are very dark.

What are your favorite foundations? Leave them below!

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