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FabFitFun: Style | Review

FabFitFun: Style | Review

I love shopping for clothes, but I don’t think that I’m super picky about the clothes I buy. I’m pretty adventurous and low-maintenance. I also get a FabFitFun every quarter which I love, so when I heard they had a styling service (similar to StitchFix), I put in an order right away.

The idea is to take personal styling service and bring it into your home. A personal stylist will have you fill out a survey and send them some pinterest boards, and your sizes, then they will ship some items that they chose to your home. You try them on, decide what you want to keep, and then send back the rest. Thy send five items, and it costs $20 to be styled, but that cash is then applied to the cost of any items you choose to keep. Oh, and there’s a 25% discount off all of the items if you buy the whole box and don’t send any of it back.

Savile Black Stretch Pant

These are nothing to write home about. Plain black pull-on pants. They have some odd snaps at the hips that don’t do anything. Are they supposed to cinch in the waist? Because they don’t. This also doesn’t have pockets. Oh, it looks like it does. But it does not. I could not justify keeping a pair of such un-funtional pants. They aren’t cofortable enough to lounge around the house in, but they’re too informal and tight for me to wear to work. They’re not for me, which was especially disappointing given that FabFitFun said they sent me these “for the office”.

Cost: $52


Mixed Media Waist Tie Top in Cream

I have never felt so fat and lumpy as I did in this shirt. It has a drawstring waist at exactly the wrong spot, emphasizing all the bumps. The material also does not really make sense. The top is heavy, woven fabric. The bottom is nearly-transparent wrinkle-prone linen. It’s not good. Not a bit good.

Cost: $59


Brie Knit Twist Front Top

This top wasn’t as bad as the other one, but it was very short. Even with a high-waisted pair of pants, i felt like my stomach was going to poke out of the bottom if I moved a little too much. Again, that doesn’t mean that it will be something I could wear to the office. So unhappy. The quality was also very poor for a $44 top. It seemed like something you could pick up for less than half the price at Target.

Cost: $44


Solana Cupro Midi Dress in Mauve

This dress is incredibly form fitting, and again, I couldn’t wear it to work. It’s low cut, and has a low back. It also does, again, show off all of the bumps. I found this strange because they asked if there were any parts that you liked, or didn’t like, to show off, and I , of course, said that I usually do things to make myself look thinner…so why send me a dress that is deeply unflattering, and also roughly the same color as my skin. The fabric did feel nice, but that cut was miserable.

Cost: $68


Anita 10k Gold Plated Floral Necklace

I was on the fence about this one. It’s the only thing that I even thought about keeping. It’s dainty and totally my style. Buuutttt….for $58, the quality isn’t there. The gold plating was already starting to come off when it arrived, and I can’t pay almost sixty bucks for that.

Cost: $58

In Summary

I was so disappointed in every. single. item. that I was sent. I didn’t think that any of them were worth the cost, and didn’t like any of the items. I think that the stylist also either did not look at any of the fashion looks that I said I liked, or was truly oblivious as to how you should use those to style a person. I really, really, love FabFitFun, but this was just a mess. I won’t be ordering another, and sent every single item back. I don’t feel that the $20 styling fee was worth it based on the choices I got.

On another note, my biggest complaint about FabFitFun is that their prices are deeply artifically inflated, almost always. I certainly felt that here. All of these items seemed very expensive compared to the quality, and I’m sure that you can find something of significantly better quality in the same price point. All of the items together, with the discount, would be around $185. I don’t believe that they’re worth it.

I still love FabFitFun, but I would pass on this.

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