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Last Minute Father's Day Gift Guide

Last Minute Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is Sunday, and let’s be real, you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t need to. Dad needs a gift, and you haven’t bought one. Good news! All of the gifts in this gift guide, if ordered from any of these websites before Thursday at midnight, they will be here in time!

For the handy dad:

This handy box is fun to put together and is a great spot to keep another small gift, like a gift card or a pair of cufflinks. It’s so unique that he’ll be really excited about displaying it on his desk or in his office.

For the traveling dad:

To help insert some wanderlust into your dad’s life, this book from National Geographic has a lot of advice for visiting every national park in the US. There’s pros and cons and beautiful photos of every single one.

For the hipster dad:

The tie is a Father’s Day staple, but this one has an elegant twist. It’s a fishing print in a hunter green, and very wearable, although still nice.

For the tailgating dad:

Football. Fried Food. An air fryer will make the best, crispiest junk food, but without all of those pesky calories. It’s a little healthier, but still just as delicious.

For the foodie dad:

To help amp up a food-loving dad’s kitchen, try this beautifully packaged make-your-own hot sauce kit. It goes all the way from “the mild is too hot” to “kill me with fire”.

For the dad with a sweet tooth:

These brownies are for a good cause, and delicious. The brand hires the typically underemployed, including those with criminal records or mental illness. A portion of the proceeds also go to help eliminating poverty in at-risk communities. Delicious and feel good!

For the fashion-forward dad:

Okay. Target. They make the best, most affordable selvage jeans you can find. It’s seriously a bargain. It’s the only place that you can get quality denim for under $75. Actually. This pair wears really well and is a whopping forty dollars.

Good luck shopping, and happy Father’s Day, dads!

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