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Getting Your Man to Use Skincare

Getting Your Man to Use Skincare

In the beginning, it didn’t seem weird that Charles didn’t have a skincare routine. Lots of guys don’t, right? Charles calls my array of various cosmetics “face shit”, using the term in a sentence, “Hey, you got a lot of shit that goes on your face.” So, when I started trying to bring up the idea that he tart using some of that for himself, he wasn’t resistent, exactly, but he also wasn’t over the moon about it. His exact words were “Do you think I need to?” and I, dear reader, when asked whether someone needs a skincare routine, will always answer YES.

I assume that you’re reading this because you are also tired of your boyfriend/fiance/husband’s dry, flaky, skin that is not getting better. Now, I can’t promise that your man is going to suddenly embrace the wonder of concealer, or be down for mask night, but it is a step in the right direction, in five easy steps.

Cleanser for your face that’s different than cleanser for your body.

Probably shouldn’t use that Old Spice body wash as a face cleanser. All-in-one anything is bad at all of the things. The first step was getting him to use a different cleanser. Pick one that’s gentle, and get him to try it out. I had some of the Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser, and he loves it. It’s not harsh, and it doesn’t have a ladylike scent.

Encourage him to use your stuff.

I have so much beauty crap (see: face shit, above), and I tell him to try it out. Yeah, grab that moisturizer, test out that hair product. It’s helped with getting him to experiment with what works for him. I have a carefully crafted routine that took months to figure out, so it’s going to take him that long too.


If you’re only going to use one skincare product, it should be this one. I’ve been watching both my parents getting parts carved out of their faces due to sun damage and that’s not something I want for either of us. This is so easy to start with, even if its just a low-SPF in a moisturizer. Unless you’re getting flash photographer all day every day, there’s no excuse.


You can also get a moisturizer with SPF built in, but this is also great. No more dry flakies, and only happy, moisturized skin! I have been getting him to use the First Aid Beauty Day Cream and it’s easy. A squeezy tube, just a little bit is needed, and it isn’t too thick or greasy.

The Special Treatment

Last thing, after mastering all the above, is to start working on one of his concerns. This has again been targeting his dryness, especially in the winter, so I’ve been pushing him to try some more heavy moisturizers.

Hopefully this has started him on a lifelong habit of caring for his skin. We only get one, right?

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