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Gray Deer Makeup for Halloween

Gray Deer Makeup for Halloween

Happy Halloweek!

Halloween is on Wednesday, and I’m usually not one to dress up We got invited to a party last minute and I needed to throw something together fast. Things I love: being able to wear a cardigan and jeans. And that’s what I did!


  • Deer antlers from Walmart ($7)

  • Gray Cardigan

  • White T-Shirt

  • Jeans


Okay. On to the makeup. I used a super old gray eye shadow palette from Lorac. Any gray eyeshadow will do. My foundation and a little mascara was already on. I made my eyelids gray, and then outlined my nose in the same color. I then sprayed myself down in setting spray. My bottom lip got concealer…ew…but it worked. For my top lip, I drew a line straight down to my top lip, and put on a brown toned liquid lipstick. It was Kat Von D’s Lolita. While it was still wet, I dabbed on that same gray eyeshadow to gray out my lip. I used white eyeliner to make the freckles, as well as some silver. I used a black liquid liner to extend a wing both up the normal way on my eyes, as well as pointing down to my tearduct towards my nose. And that was it! Oh! Forgot about my lashes! They’re the Tarte ones from this post.

I got a bunch of comments, but limited effort on my part!

What are you going as for Halloween? Or is Halloween lame and you didn’t dress up at all?

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