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Best Food Gifts | Blogmas #6

Best Food Gifts | Blogmas #6

Food. It’s easily the best gift at this time of year. Know the person well? Then you know exactly what they’d like! Don’t know them well? They would really like some tasty cookies. Do you know why? Because everyone likes a tasty cookie! I love food. I love cute food especially.  The holidays are the time of cute foods, and I’ll be the first to tell you that I’d be a lot thinner if it wasn’t.

I love to bake, and to make cure little snacks for my friends, but I understand that not everyone is in that same boat, so I rounded up my favorite food gifts that you can order online, and are guaranteed to get here before Christmas!


O-List Chocolate Rugelach from Breads Bakery - $47.95

Breads Bakery is the Kosher bakery in New York, and they overnight their delicious breads and pastries all over the continental US. Breads is all about beautiful, artisan pastries that work for any occasion. My pick for today is one of Oprah’s favorites – chocolate rugelach. Rolled up like a croissant with chocolate, these are a special treat for any holiday. I’ve received orders from Breads in the past, and I guarantee that they arrive fresh, and last for several days after delivery.

ManCrates Taco Mania - $99.99

I chose this package because it is technically a food gift, but it does have some enduring pieces as well that will last beyond the holiday season. In this taco kit, there is a cast iron tortilla press, a cookbook, and a tortilla warmer, as well as corn flour and an array of spicy sauce. This is ideal for the DIY-er in your life who is looking for some authentic street tacos.

Williams Sonoma Cookie & Brownie Gift Crate - $99.95

This is the first of two recommendations from Williams Sonoma. I can’t help that they have fantastic food gifts! These cookies and brownies are made from premium ingredients and packaged in a beautiful wooden crate. This is my pick for office treats or a family gettogether. There is a good variety so that there’s something for everything.

Williams Sonoma Fruit and Nut Flower Gift Box - $69.95

Another Williams Sonoma wonder, this gift box elevates the traditional box of Christmas nuts into something beautiful. The dried figs, peaches, and apricots are arranged into a pretty flower, along with all the roasted nuts you could ever want.

Harry and David Deluxe Holiday Fruit Wreath - $69.95

Harry and David is my choice for fresh fruit delivery. Every single piece is hand-picked and tastes like summer. This holiday fruit wreath comes with grapefruit, oranges, and pears, as well as some chocolate truffles.


Sugarfina Sweet & Sparkling 3Pc Candy Bento Box - $28

I love Sugarfina. It is on the pricy (maybe overpriced) side, but the quality on these is unreal. Do you want a tiny box of perfect, magical candies? The best gummi bears you’ve ever had? My pick is the Sweet & Sparkling Bento Box. It’s three lucite boxes, with champagne bears, sparkle pops, and bubbly bears. They’re delicious and the perfect for your best girlfriend.


Hickory Farms Home for the Holidays Gift Box - $60

People like my dad prefer the simple things in life. During the holidays, that’s Hickory Farms. It’s easy, it’s predictable, and it’s available at a mall kiosk near you! This gift box contains both beef and turkey sausages, cheese, and crackers. It’s another hit for a tasty Christmas Day snack.

Happy snacking this December!

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