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Holiday Travel Tips

Holiday Travel Tips

Travelling over the holidays = not fun. It’s not fun. I hate travelling over the holiday…but I’ve been travelling over the past five Christmases. Yep. Five. And this one. Actually, while you’re reading this, I’m in Washington, DC. As a seasoned holiday-season traveller, these are my tips to help make Christmas travel nearly painless.

Stay connected.

Last Christmas, I was in Morocco and had a total travel disaster in the Casablanca airport. I had no working phone. This Christmas, on a trip to Canada, I won’t be making the mistake again. Talk to your provider about international travel options, if you are heading abroad this Christmas. Even if you’re just going across the country, I would check into cell service. For example, if you’re on a Sprint phone, you will not get service in my entire state…so that’s a thing. Also pack extra cables, and some of those extra battery packs.

Download the airline app.

If you’re flying, download your airline’s app. I fly almost exclusively Delta for lots of reasons, and I have their app. It makes everything easier. I can track my bags, check changes in gates for connecting flights or delays, and change my seats to sit nearer the front of the plane.

Travel so light.

You’ll notice in the last tip, I said “track my bags”. Unpopular opinion – check your damn bag. I know, you have to wait for them at baggage claim, but with the airline app, you’ll know exactly where your stuff is all the time, making it safer than ever. Don’t be that guy (or girl) who is hulking an obviously-too-big suitcase through a crowded airplane or terminal. If you are still no way am I checking anything, pack light. Pack so light. I mean one standard-sized backpack. Not one of those huge osprey bags. One plain Jansport. Christmas gifts? Don’t carry those on. Ship them directly to your destination. Trust me. Not dealing with the baggage will make your life and everyone else’s better.

 Avoid getting hangry.

Also on the packing note, people are not nice when they’re hungry. You might get delayed, you might be stuck for a long time in an unfun place. Pack some snacks. Snacks that are good for travel include nuts and seeds, granola bars, and an empty bottle that you can fill with water.


On the flight, sleep. Sleep the whole time. Big earplugs. Eye mask. Sometimes I’ll even take a Benadryl to totally conk out (something low-dose, don’t worry). This will make the hours on layovers or delays seem fine because you won’t be tired.

Put on a smile and be polite.

If your flight is delayed, there are another hundred people on that flight that the poor airline staff have to deal with. When you’re frustrated, when you’re tired…that’s the most important time to smile and be polite. They aren’t going to help you faster or better if you’re angry or mean. Be nice to each other.

Happy travels!

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