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I Tried the Glass Skincare Routine for a Week

I Tried the Glass Skincare Routine for a Week

Today’s post is all about loving yourself. I’ve mentioned a few times on Instagram that I have been having a bad skin month. I recently saw the so-called Glass Skin routine going around, as popularized by Ellie Choi. Her skin is literally flawless. I decided that since my skin is pretty much dry and breaking out and ruined, there wasn’t really anything to lose by trying it.

So, I studied her method.

The main rules I followed:

  • Drink 8 8-ounce glasses of water every day.
  • Remove makeup with a makeup wipe, then use a gentle daily facial cleanser.
  • Follow up with a toner.
  • Use a “decent” amount of moisturizer after toning.
  • Sugar mask every other day for exfoliation.
  • Once a week, use a K-beauty sheet mask.

It all seemed like a lot, but again, not much to lose. Anyway, here are my before photos.

The hard parts

Where is this woman finding time to do all of that? It takes a lifetime just to take my makeup off, it seems. A week is also not enough time for me to establish a routine without forgetting things. I would get done, and then realize I skipped a couple of steps. That’s a solid no if you really want glass skin.

The easy parts:

Drinking the water was fine, once I got into the habit of carrying my waterbottle around with me and choosing water instead of coffee in the morning. None of these things were new in my routine either, but I very rarely would do them all in the same night. It’s mostly just about stacking everything together, every night.

The verdict?

Uh, nothing happened. Like, it's literally not worth the time to look at my before-and-after photos. Did my skin get better? No. Did it get worse? Also no. I feel better, physically, mostly because of how much water that I have been drinking. Maybe it would take longer than I   gave it. I also really liked having a step-by-step process to follow every night without guesswork. Unfortunately, I think that this is a lesson in exactly why not everyone can use the same skin care routine and get the same results. 

I'm interested in hearing your thoughts. Have you tried the Glass Skin routine? What is your #1 skin go-to? I'm always looking for more things to try!

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