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March in Review

March in Review

Monthly Review

March is always a weird month. In Montana, March is very strictly still winter. As I'm typing, it's actually snowing outside. At the same time, everyone is tired of winter and waiting for it to be spring. It's technically spring, so why is it still freezing? It will be like this until at least May 1st. 

I went into March with high hopes. I had two big trips planned, and a lot of profession growth opportunities that I was really looking forward to. You see how I used the past tense there? 

My trip to Atlalnta was equal parts stressful and awesome. I had a gret time, but it was also a difficlut trip. Atlanta is expensive, I was under a lot of stress, and being away from home is always difficult. So I get back from Atlanta, and I'm excited to get back to school andddd...a dear friend's husband died.  

I didn't thiink it would effect me as much as it did, but here we are. Seeing a person who was healthy and happy and doing well and totally in love with my best friend...and gone. I haven't experienced a ton of surprise deaths so far in my life (fortunately) so this really hit me. For the last ten years, all of the funerals we've gone to are for people who were old, or sick, and not Ron. It feels like we were just joking around at his wedding. He had a beautiful service, and I know he'll be deeply missed by everyone.

After that, I really felt like it was time for a break. We're celebrating the long weekend by hiking and relaxing in fancy hotels. So, right now, we're having a great time. 

From a blog perspective, things definitely suffered as a result of the aforementioned things. My following also shrank. We had a great month in February in terms of growth, but I definitely let things slip and that was evident. Still, I managed to post a few times a week on Instagram, and posted 11 blog posts, including this one. I had planned on 13, so that wasn't so far off. 

I also took a break from working on my online course to focus on my mental health, but it still is definitely in the works! I also had some great content on Instagram that I’m very proud of, as seen in all of these photos. It was a tough month, but we're okay. It's all okay.

Looking Ahead

This weekend, we're going to welcome April. This month's theme is going to be Financial Fitness. April is tax season (whoop whoop!) and I want to talk about how I handle the finances of blogging, as well as in my normal life. I had a great response when I talked about finances last month, so we're going to continue to bring you those tips and tricks! 

See you Monday!

Let me know, either in the comments, or on Instagram, how was your February? High points? Low points?

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