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May Barkbox

May Barkbox

Another month has come, which means it's time for Biscuit's favorite thing -- the Barkbox. A lot of you have tweeted or commented on instas about Biscuit. She's doing awesome. She's currently camped out at my parents' place while we're moving and travelling (more on that later!). If you want to see more of her, she has her own Instagram, which you can see here! Either way, her Barkbox has arrived!

This month's theme was Wild West, which I am all abouttttt. Living in Montana (at least part time) this is pretty much feelings of home. If you're thinking about getting your own Barkbox, this one is for the large dog size, and Biscuit is also on the power chewers list. 

Barkbox costs $24+ a month, and is available here. If you use that link, you'll get your first box FO FREE and another will be donated to a dog in a shelter! Now, what does the inside of one of these things look like?

In this box: 

Treat-Holding Cactus - $12

Cacti holding water in their succulent tissue? Pfft, that's the work of a water dish. This here catus is tough enough to hold treats and peanut butter that'll delight your dog. Its soft needles are great for gumming and gnawing, and the BPA-free rubber is soft enough to chew, but sturdy enough to stand up to tough chompers. It's the cactus any dog would want in the desert… or just for playtime.

Sodapup Sasparilla Jug - $10

It's Super Chewer hour here at the Bark & Co saloon. Saddle up for a gnaw of the sweetest sarsaparilla this side of the Louisiana Purchase. Brewed up by Sodapup, this olde fashioned pint is made in the good ol' USA with durable BPA-free rubber. Pack treats inside to make playtime a real rodeo. Or, stick it in the freezer to make it a literal cold one. Nothing can keep a pup wrestling and wrangling quite like this tall drink of good times.

Treat Simple Cowboy Cut Steak Treats  - $10

Made with all-natural American beef, these dog treats are a tasty chew for choosy pooches. Made in the USA, these steak chews are a wholesome snack for your pup. Filler-free, you won’t find any lame wheat, soy, or corn products in these. Just delicious cow and 100% natural ingredients, like rolled oats, rosemary, and olive oil. Super-chewy and super-satisfying, they’re great for dogs of all sizes and ages.

Bark & Co. Frank’s Flank Steak Chew - $4

Hand trimmed and slow roasted for 3 days, these chews are made from top grade, American born & raised Angus.

Bark & Co. Yum Yum on the Range - $8

These treats will be sure to have your dog singing for more. Made with nothing but pure beef, these treats are gluten, soy, and corn free. These are literally just strips of 100% beef, magnificent for anyone hankering to dine on a hunk of heifer...so basically every dog, ever.

Another great hit, and totally worth the money. Also, bonus photo of my dog:

What do you think of this month's Barkbox?

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A Special Announcement!

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