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May Favorites

May Favorites

Another month is totally gone! Well, maybe not totally, but it's already the 23rd, and June is about to happen and I'm not ready. As a regular school teacher, this is crunch time. However, I did get the time to try out a few things that I've been loving.


Naked Basics Palette

I can't believe it took me so long to pick this up! It has been my favorite palette to take traveling because you can do any basic eye look with this. It's also very compact, making it easy to pop in a travel bag.

Rimmel Breathable 25-Hour Concealer

This concealer has been my best friend this past month. It goes on quickly and easily and stays put for the full 25-hours, if you want to test it that long. It also covers my worst dark circles in only one layer -- perfect for early mornings or late nights.

Bite Agave Lip Balm

I abused my lips all winter long with heavy matte lipsticks, but this has totally undone that. I swipe this on overnight, and I'm good to go the next day. 

Stila Glitter and Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in Rose Gold Retro

I talked about these on my instagram recently. I loved these so much all month long. My favorite color is Rose Gold, and I wear it all. the. time. 

Morphe 518 Brush

I was hesitant to hop on the Morphe train, but I'll be honest -- the shit works. I have been really loving this brush in particular, as well as some shadows. It's great to blend out crease colors. 

Korres Greek Yoghurt Cleanser

I've been switching out my cleansers pretty regularly, and this has been my most recent acquisition. It takes off my day really easily, but it also doesn't dry out my skin, which is a wonder among cleansers. Most of the ingredients are naturally derived as well.

Mally Pencil Eyeliner in Sea Blue

In terms of unusual eyeliner colors, I like to keep it fairly easy...blue or green, close to my eye color. This one was a little bit outside my usual comfort zone. I love the bright blue of this, and it makes such a fun pop of color in the waterline. It stays put all day as well.

What are your favorites this month?


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