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May Favorites

May Favorites

Another month and it’s time for a rundown of my monthly favorites! Let’s jump straight into it.


I did not think that I would love these so much. I got these in a blogger goodie bag and have been obsessed. It sticks to the back of your phone case and can be a stand, or a holder for your finger. It’s been amazing for vlogging, selfies, and Netflix-sessions. I love love love it and tell everyone to get one now. I also think that the one I got is the prettiest.


I am all about Duolingo right now. We are currently about to embark on a European extravaganza and have been brushing up on our German. The app is fantastic (and free!) and helps you build vocabulary quickly. I love that it really seems to be paying off day after day.

Google Trips

Another free app…Google Trips. It collects up all your information on your travels from your email and organizes them in one app so that your reservations and ideas for things to do are all in one place. I think that I’m going to have an entire post on travel essentials, but this has been my number one this month.

Strawberry Season

I loooove strawberries and this is my favorite time of year. They’re cheap right now and at their most delicious.

Statement Flats

For our upcoming vacation, we have a lot of walking to do. I want to look cute, which means patterns and colors, but also comfortable. I picked up this adorable pair from Anne Klein at Macy’s. Stripy, with a bow, and a well-padded sole.

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Kimmy Schmidt is back on Netflix and is one of my favorite shows. It’s incredibly irreverent, but hilarious. Worth the watch.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

I won’t keep harping on about this because I did just do an entire blog post on these. It’s my favorite. It’s worth the hype.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation

My newest foundation obsession has been rediscovering the MUFE HD foundations. It shows up great on camera and on video, and will be perfect for my upcoming travels.

Black Tea Rose Candle from White Barn

I love to burn those big 3-wick Bath and Body Works Candles like a mid-2000s sorority girl. Recently, our candle supply ran out and I wanted a new one. I brought Charles along because he is both picky and sensitive to scents. We settled on this Black Tea Rose Candle and love it. It makes the house smell warm, and kind of like black pepper, but also floral. I like it. Charles likes it. It’s a winner.

Tatcha Pure One Step Cleansing Oil

This was a winner that came from my Sephora Play! Box. I love a good cleansing oil, and this one has been my favorite. It is that holy grail of non-oily cleansing oil. Unfortunately…at $48 dollars a bottle, I’m going to have a tough time repurchasing this. Buuuuttttt…it’s really that good. So many decisions.

Kenra Air Grip Spray

I have a full blog post coming out on some Kenra products, but I thought that I would give you a little sneak peek of my thoughts on these…this wax spray. It’s the best texturizing spray that I’ve ever used, including the stupidly expensive one from Oribe. I mean, this one isn’t cheap at $17, but it’s an easier bullet to bite than $45.

What are your favorites this month?

Diet Peanut Butter?

Diet Peanut Butter?

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