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May in Review

May in Review

Last year, I was sitting here, and thinking about what a great year we were going to have. I was going to have another birthday and was just super full of excitement. It’s been really great, and this month has been spectacular.


This month I finally kicked the cold that has been making me 1000% miserable. I was seriously ill for over a month. Total misery. Anyway, we’re back on track and have a busy summer on the go. Charles and I both had our birthdays on the 11th, and it was delightful. We had a nice dinner out at the same restaurant where we got engaged. The day before, on the 10th, some very wonderful coworkers also through me a beautiful wedding shower. My mom had come to town for that, so we had a Mother’s Day/Shower/Birthday weekend! We also just got back from a lovely trip up to Canada with one of Charles’s friends. All good. I had such a wonderful month and couldn’t be happier.


Movies/TV (no spoilers!)

Game of Thrones

It ended. We had to watch the end. Like I mentioned last month, Charles is still plunking through the seasons one at a time. 9/10

Detective Pikachu

This was one of those that definitely shouldn’t have been as good as it was. The CGI was good, the story was alright. It was very PG, but totally fine. Decent Saturday afternoon movie. 7/10

New Girl

I lovedy love New Girl. The last season finally came onto Netflix, so I watched it at last. It was unfortunately not the best thing that I’ve seen, unfortunately. It ended flat after years of following along with all the shenanigans. 4/10


I didn’t read at all this month. :(


June is full of secrets. Watch this space for some surprises! I hate it when people say they have a secret, but can’t tell you what it is…and that’s me right now. I’ll tell you as soon as I can!

It’s a busy month and I can’t wait!

Freshening Up Your House

Freshening Up Your House

Iceland Travel Album

Iceland Travel Album