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Allure November 2018

Allure November 2018

November is almost done! That means it’s time to run down this month’s Allure Beauty Box. I received seven items this month! Unfortunately, six of them were masks. This month was listed as being the “mask month”. Don’t get me wrong, I like a sheet mask. This was just a lot even for me. This box was done in collaboration with Anthropologie, which has a huge selection of masks. Let’s get into it and see all these masks. As an aside, if you’re not into masks, next month is in collaboration with Nikki Tutorials, and is all makeup. I also put off doing these reviews until I had a chance to try out all the things. I have normal-dry skin, sensitive, and fair.

Inside my Box

The first of the masks is the Lapcos Pearl Brightening Metallic Sheet Mask ($2.80 for one, $14 for five). Super hydrating and tons of product! This is a nice sheet mask. It’s loaded up with so much serum that I didn’t really know what to do. It’s also very sticky. It looks like a normal sheet mask. It’s not Instagram-tastic or anything, but it does leave skin very hydrated. It’s not the most radiant mask I’ve used, but I liked it.


The second mask in the box is the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Jelly Sheet Mask ($8). This smells super fruity and tasty. This one is a little pricier, and you can tell. It is totally transparent and comes in two pieces for a better fit. This was my favorite one from the box. It hydrated my skin like crazy. I was using it after I was sick, and it made a massive difference.

The third one was for just the lips…the Kocostar Rose Lip Mask ($1.90 for one, $38 for twenty). This seemed gimmicky to me, and I’ve seen a bunch of them on Instagram that just reinforced that idea, so trying one out was a novelty that I probably wouldn’t spend my own money on. This worked okay. It provided a ton of moisture in the short-term and felt nice. I felt a glimmer of hope and optimism! Then that stopped. I put on my lipstick, and my lips looked the same as they had before, which, being winter, was not great. So…yeah. Won’t be getting any more of those.

Another mask that has a more specific purpose is the Patchology Flashpatch Rejuvenating Eye Gels ($3 for one, $15 for five). Again, they’re fine, but probably not something I would purchase again. I don’t have super dry undereyes or bad dark circles…nothing that some light makeup can’t cover. It was hydrating, just not something I need. Moderate cooling sensation as well, in case you have undereyes that don’t tolerate that well.

Two more…the StarSkin Exfoliating Double-Later Foot Mask Socks ($15) were great. I’ve used Babyfoot before, as well as one by Tonymoly, and these are the same. Put the socks on, wait an hour, rinse, and then five days later your foot sheds skin like a weird snake. They are effective, and lord knows I needed that to save my feet from their usual winter scalyness.

Last of the masks is the GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment (sample worth $17.70, $59 for 50g). I had used it before, because I got it in another box. It’s fine. I find that it pulls blemishes up to the surface, so if I know I have a zit coming on, I can dab it on and it will work its way on out. Other than that, I wouldn’t put this all over my face unless I had a serious oil problem.

The final item in the box was a three-pack of the original invisibobble in the color Meow and Ciao which is a sparkly purple ($7.95). I’ve spoken at length about these. I love them. Once you try them, you’ll never go back! Did I mention I love them? My favorite color is pretzel brown, which matches my hair, but these are cute.

The overall total value of this box is $54.45. I did really like this box but wouldn’t like to get it more than once. It was nice to be able to try out a few different masks without the financial commitment. For $15, this was a good value. If I think about it more like buying a pack of invisibobbles for $8, and then getting six masks for $7, it feels like a good deal. If you want your own Allure Beauty Box ($10 to start, $15 each month after!) you can sign up here!

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