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November Sephora Play!

November Sephora Play!

After having a great first month of Sephora Play! in October, I was excited to see that my November box had arrived. As I mentioned in that October post, Sephora Play! is their subscription service, similar to Birchbox, Glossybox, Boxycharm, or Ipsy. There’s a waitlist, but they’re opening up spots all the time right now if you’re interested. It’s ten dollars, for five items plus a perfume sample. 

Like last month, I love the bag that all of these products come in. It’s very thin, and not very practical, but it’s cute and good for separating out products and travel. This month’s theme is Best in Glow, and has five awesome products that cover that theme pretty well. 

In This Box


My favorite item from the box this month was the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick. T is the  most beautiful gold color, and it sets down and does not move. I have been wearing it every day since it arrived and will probably pick up a full size, maybe in another color. 

Similarly, I am in love with the Cover FX Illuminating Primer. It’s illuminating without being shiny or glittery. I love the Becca backlight Primers, but I find that they can look a little oily, and I have never felt that way about the Cover FX Primer. In winter, as my skin is getting so dry, it has really made me feel like my skin looks normal. 

I have a difficult relationship with GlamGlow. All of their masks are so hit and miss. If I don’t hate them, then I love them. This is a love-it product. I have been having some stress-related breakouts on my chin and this has zapped them away. I’ll definitely be keeping this one in mind for the next time those pop up. 

My last hit was the Ulta Shine Lip Gel. I liked it a lot, but it’s not seasonally appropriate. I was surprised that Sephora would send a bubblegum pink for November. The finish of this is smooth, plush, and makes my lips look fantastic. The color isn’t strong, but looks awesome over another lipstick, or by itself on bare lips on a low-makeup day. Like the Caviar Stick, I’ll be scouting this one out at my local Sephora, perhaps in another color.  


The perfume. Perfumes are personal, and this one isn’t for me. I’m glad that it’s a “bonus” sample and not really included with the other five good-sized samples. This wasn’t a perfume I would have chosen myself, but it’s not offensive in smell. The makeup remover from the Estee Edit was also nothing to write home about. I was confused about how to use it. After massaging into dry skin, like the label says, my makeup didn’t really move. After adding water, again, no movement. My drama was not dissolved. It felt nice, but every day I use it must be a double-cleanse day. 



None. For serious. There was not a single miss in this box. I loved every one of the items I was sent. High praise right there. 


The total value of the samples included here was $56.26. I think that is an excellent value and I did get a couple of good products out of it. I can’t wait until next month!

If you’re interested in getting on the waitlist for your own Sephora Play!, you can click here. It’s not an affiliate link. :)

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