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Easy Holiday Menu

Easy Holiday Menu

One of the most important things about the holidays is…the food. The fine points of the holiday table come and go at my house. Some years sweet potatoes make an appearance or Brussels sprouts. Regardless, there is a solid core of holiday dishes that are included every year. I’m sharing some of my favorite recipes from around the web for my perfect holiday staples.

Green Bean Casserole

Possibly my favorite, at its very core, made of two cans of green beans, one can condensed cream of mushroom soup, and a can of French’s fried onions. For a simple recipe, try this one, and for something a little fancier, try this one.

Mashed Potatoes

Every holiday table needs a potato, preferably mashed. Again, fancy options here…and something a little more traditional here.


I will admit right now…I hate stuffing. I always have. But it’s important! It’s at every big holiday! So, I called up some friends, and they recommended this one, or this one. We're spending Thanksgiving with my parents this year, and we are bringing the stuffing, so I guess that I'm going to need to learn to love it.


In the battle for the perfect Thanksgiving meal, I am firmly on Team Turkey. I don't really eat pork, so ham is out...and that leaves the noble turkey. Make your turkey however you want to make it. Deep fried, baked, broiled. Do your thing.

Marshmallow Salad

I’m not really sure if other families do this, but my family has always had the marshmallow salad. It’s one of those good Midwestern traditions that comes to us courtesy of the 1960s, when anything could be covered in cool whip and called a salad. My recipe is here.

Cranberry Sauce

Don’t buy the cranberry log that comes in the can. Make your own. It’s super easy. Recipes here and here.

Pumpkin Pie

Pie is a lost art. There is a skill to rolling out a pie crust and crafting a perfectly runny filling. Nothing beats a pumpkin pie at the holidays. Try an easy version (like this one…pretty much dump the can out) or this more culinarily inclined version.

Seasons eatings ;)

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