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High Quality Lashes for $1??

High Quality Lashes for $1??

With everything that I review, there’s one thing I just have not been able to master, and that’s false lashes. One of my personal beauty goals for this year was to become the lash master. I only wear them like once a year, and I’d like to branch out a little, especially with all my other events coming up this year. While I was researching some places to order lashes online (the quality of in-store lashes here is pretty low), I stumbled across Shop Miss A.

Everything on Miss A is $1…ish. There are a few premium lashes that are $1.55, but pretty much everything is a single dollar. There are some brush sets for around $11, etc, but for the most part, we’re talking about extremely affordable beauty. Of course, my inner skeptic says NO. This is too good to be true! So I knew I had to try it.


I ended up buying nine items because, with $1 shipping, it brought my total up to a whopping ten bucks. So I waited and waited, and finally, my bag of goodies arrived! Shop Miss A has a bunch of different categories, from color cosmetics and brushes to jewelry and hair accessories. I decided to keep it pretty low key with just a few things to test the waters.

The first thing I picked up was, of course, lashes. The reason for the shopping spree. I looked at lots of people wearing different styles of lashes on Instagram. The lashes that I liked the best all came from a line called AOA Studio and seemed to be the best quality. I bought four pair,s, Scarlette, Natalia, Chloe, and Luella. They are all 100% human hair, which freaks me out a little, but they’re fantastic quality. They have a transparent, highly flexible band, and look wonderful on. My favorites so far are Scarlette and Luella! I’d recommend the AOA lashes, and will definitely be ordering more. They have a premium line of faux-mink lashes for $1.55 that I think I’ll be trying next. To help with the lashes, I also picked up a lash placement tool. It’s very sturdy metal and higher quality than any other that I’ve seen.

The only color cosmetics that I bought was an eyeshadow primer from Amuse Cosmetics in the shade Blank Canvas. I’ll be honest, after my great experience with the lashes, this was a disappointment. It covered up pigmentation on my eyelids but did nothing to keep my eyeshadow on. I’ll pass on this again. It made me a little nervous to try more.

In tools, I picked up a brush-cleaning egg. You can get these lots of places, but I love this one for the price. It makes me more likely to wash my brushes, since I’m not just rubbing the brushes over my hand, and it makes cleaning faster and easier. Highly recommend this or at least something like it! The last thing (and a tool!) that I got was the E115 Brush, also from AOA Studio. It’s a Flat Definer brush. I was looking for one this shape to help do some defining with concealer around a statement lip and it’s perfect! Washes up well and is soft and high quality.

The last item I picked was kind of a wild card. It was a pre-shower hair treatment. I want you to know that this was awful and I would not buy it again. It took four shampoos to wash out and left my hair very stiff and sticky. It was horrible in every possible way, and I would not recommend this to anyone, in any way. Luckily, only out a dollar!

Overall, I would say that this has been a positive experience. The quality of the lashes and the brush I got were amazing but I probably will tread lightly with the color cosmetics from now on. I don’t think I’ll be using it regularly, but it’s my new place to find lashes! 

Have you tried out Shop Miss A?

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