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Supporting Small Businesses for your Wedding

Supporting Small Businesses for your Wedding

Y’all know that I’m a sucker for helping out the little guy. I love to support small and up-and-coming businesses. Those are the places where my money will make the most difference in actual lives, not just by lining a CEO’s pockets. OF course, this was something we thought about as we started to plan our wedding. It’s a big event, and we’re able to utilize quite a few smaller businesses by purchasing wedding supplies and services through them! Assuming that details are what makes the wedding ours, we were so excited to help bring in artists and stores we love into that process!



One of the first things that we knocked off the list, the rings, went through entirely Shop Small services. The engagement ring was designed and crafted from a sapphire mined at a family owned-site and cut at their gem store. It was then set by a local non-chain jeweler. It can be easy to stop at the mall stores when thinking about our ring, but we had much better luck (and not a higher price!) with local gemologists. For bands, we also chose to go through Etsy. Charles’s band came from a local Etsy maker.

Faux Florals

Due to some allergies and other considerations, we decided against real florals. Instead we went with wooden flowers. Again, we chose to go through an independent etsy seller, working on her own. We also used preserved eucalyptus greens that came from a local florist. On Etsy, I also found the dog collar that Biscuit will be wearing!


This was also a no-brainer. I took my dress (bought from an online wholesaler at a discount) to a local woman for alterations. If you happen to be in Great Falls, Montana, I used Mrs. Sew and Sew, and she was both fast and reasonable. She was also so willing to make what I wanted happen!

Photo/Video Professionals

We loved our photographer, Caitlin. She took the photo above, and I know there will be more coming. I love her work, and actually found her through Instagram. You can check out her website here. There are a ton of big chain wedding photographers, but having a real human I could text and visit with was amaaazing, and she was a true delight to work with.


I wanted something truly memorable, so we are going with some tasty baked treats from our favorite Montana-based bakery! I’m so happy to have a little taste of Montana, even as we have our wedding two states over.

Bridesmaid & Groomsman Gifts

I don’t want to let out any spoilers just yet, but the groomsmen and bridesmaids all are getting gifts that came from local artists and were purchased from various stores in our hometown! Again, don’t think that boutiques = expensive! We found some lovely gifts at an art gallery that we were touring that will be making an appearance at the rehearsal dinner.

Best wishes on including the little things at your wedding, and think local first!

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