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Tried and True Beauty Faves

Tried and True Beauty Faves

2017 was an interesting year in terms of beauty. I started out the year in a hyper-glammed-up corporate job. Then, in the summer, I had a more relaxed, but still conservative job. The job I have now…it’s normal not to wear makeup at all. These are my current favorites that I have loved for truly a full year.


The two foundations that ruled this year for me were the Make Up Forever Ultra HD foundation and the Ordinary Coverage Foundation. I love both for totally several reasons. The Ordinary looks like real skin. It doesn’t cover all my blemishes, but it smooths my skin out enough to look good enough. It’s my go-to foundation to wear to work. MUFE Ultra HD is a boost up though. It also looks like skin, but completely and totally flawless. It’s more of a night-out, photography, or filming foundation.


The only concealer that really stood out to me this year was the total domination of Tarte Shape Tape. I don’t use it like they do on Instagram…covering my whole face in it. It’s super high coverage and I find that it can look dry if it goes on too heavy. Because of this, I like to use just a little dot on each inner corner of my eye, and blend it out. It’s beautiful, but not too much, and provides a beautifully smooth base.


The one eyeshadow palette that has held my attention all year and has been everything that I have wanted, and more is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette. I am all about the warm colors and this palette has the best formula ever. Since the debacle that was the Subculture Palette, I have grown even closer to this. It’s my perfect palette and I dread hitting pan on it every day. It does take some figuring out how to not make the reds look like you have an eye infection, but it’s worth it to take the time to work through.


I had two eyeliner favorites this year, one liquid and one pencil. The liquid eyeliner that I prefer is the Kat Von D Tattoo Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Trooper. I don’t really like Kat Von D as a person. She might be a Nazi, and doesn’t seem to be my kind of people. But dang. This eyeliner. It really works. It’s as black as Satan’s soul and stays on all day and all night. The brush tip also makes a perfect wing fast and easy in no time.


Two brow products that are my favorites are the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Brown Dip Brow. I tried to hold off on this one for forever…but I finally gave in. It’s as good as you think it should be. My eyebrows have never looked sharper and fuller. My other favorite is the Essence More Brow. Talk about the other end of the price spectrum! This is only $3, and is a perfect dupe for Benefit’s Gimme Brow. Benefit recalled Gimme Brow and my color hasn’t gone back in stock since, so I have turned to my trusty $3 alternative for natural-looking brows.

What are your tried and true loves from the past year?

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