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Valentine's Day Gift Guide - For Everyone

Valentine's Day Gift Guide - For Everyone

The ancient Greeks said that there were multiple kinds of love. I really wanted to make a gift guide for Valentine’s Day, and I thought it would be cool if we talked about the things you can get for the different people you love.

  • Eros – this is the kind of love you have for your husband, wife, or other partner.
  • Philia – love for your friends.
  • Storge – love for your family.
  • Philautia – love for yourself.


For the romantic partner in your life, there is always flowers. Roses are the typical choice, right?  Choose your local neighborhood florist if you can for the best quality and an actual person to talk to over the phone. If you want to go the less traditional route, I am in love with this Q&A Journal that covers three full years of your relationship. Some other options are this scratch map that I’m pretty sure I put in every gift guide. I think that it’s a perfect sentiment for the travel-happy couple. I also recently ordered (don't tell Charles) a customized photo book of our adventures from Presto Photo. The process was super easy, and I liked using it more than several other competitors I've tried. 

A couple more unconventional ideas…here is a quirky tie for your hipster lover. Charles is a nurse, but for the other quirky gift recipients, you can give them this anatomically correct plush heart. If you’re not into gift-giving at all, you can adopt a penguin together from the World Wildlife Fund. Another option is Heifer International for adoptable non-gifts to help someone in need.

Last, keeping it small and sentimental, advice from the master: a Pablo Neruda collection of love poems.


In my life, my friends are some of the most important loves that I have. Unfortunately, many of them live away from me, so I picked things that were shipping-friendly too. First – again, we have the perennial favorite of flowers. I have really loved all the bouquets of Farmgirl Flowers I have seen. They’re beautifully wrapped in burlap and each one is totally unique.

To help memorialize some of the best parts of your friendship the Fujifilm Instax cameras are trendy and cute and functional. For photos you’ve already taken, there are also personalized polaroid photo coasters. Then two more things, just because they’re cute: this adorable pink corgi mug and a Lush Love Boat Bath Bomb.


My parents are my #1 supporters in pretty much everything I do…including my reckless travel adventures. Some things for my parents…and unkillable set of air plants shaped like jellyfish. My parents cook a lot, so I thought about getting them this personalized cutting board. My dad is always on the quest for a new hobby, like this deluxe IPA homebrew kit. And lastly, to class up the place when entertaining, personalized wine glasses available in every letter.


The last kind of love that is important is self-love. You gotta treat yourself. Some things that I have my eye on are the Rifle Paper and L’Occitane collaboration collection. They are gorgeous bath products in especially gorgeous packaging. This cozy cashmere sweater from Vince is also fashionable and timeless. Well worth the investment. Also, keep the cozy going with an electric Sherpa blanket.

I know we are still riding our resolution to eat better and get healthy. Keep track of your meal planning with a cheeky notepad, and get more in touch with what you’re eating with an Italian cheese kit.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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