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Wedding Update - Six Months Out

Wedding Update - Six Months Out

Here we are, six months from the wedding (to the day) and it feels…weird. Not in like a “oh god we shouldn’t get married” kind of way, but sometimes I legitimately forget that it’s happening. With the wedding out of state, I feel like we get a quick two or three days of intense planning mode, and then…nothing. Right now we’re in a nothing kind of zone. I’ve gotten some DMs about how wedding planning has been going, so here it is! Its going well, but I haven’t done anything in a few weeks!

All of the big things are done, and now we’re just figuring out the fine details.

Things that are done:

  • Save the dates were sent.

  • Dress came in!

  • Guest List

  • Budget

  • Officiant

  • Venue

  • Menu choices

  • Photographer

  • DJ & Band

  • Hotel Block

  • Shuttle

  • Rehearsal Dinner

  • Registry

  • Invitations ordered, but not sent for another 3 months!

  • Cake

  • Flowers

  • Favors

  • Wedding Bands

  • Hair

Things that aren’t done:

  • Little decor details! We have some side tables, and the cake, gift, and seating chart tables.

  • Makeup artist

  • Ceremony decor

  • Honeymoon!

And dthat’s it. When I tell people I’m done planning, I mean it. We are so close to being done that I can spend whole weeks not thinking about the wedding at all. I’m mostly spending weekends at thruft stores looking for cheap decor to sprinkle around. I also am waiting for some mail to come in so I can assemble up some different pieces. Otherwise things are great! We’re in the lull for another two months. :)

Have you ever planned a wedding? What was something you totally forgot?

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