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Biscuit's Summer Favorites

Biscuit's Summer Favorites

Summer is in full swing at our house, with every day this week coming in over 100 degrees. I work in a delightfully air conditioned office, but unfortunately my dog doesn't get the same treatment. Either way, we've been working to keep our puppy happy and entertained with a few of her favorites for summer.

Cooling Vest

One of our best purchases of the summer, we picked up a wonderful cooling vest for our puppy. I like these in general because you just soak in water and put on your dog to keep them cooler for longer. Biscuit has some sensitivity to the heat, and this has helped her stay outside for longer, even in the heat. 

Mobility Bites

This was a surprising find for us. Biscuit eats these up like any treats. They smell awful, but you know if you have dogs that awful smells are a bonus, not a detractor. Since eating these, Biscuit has had a delightfully shiny coat. I'm not sure about the increased mobility, but she is a large breed, so we are very conscious of preserving her joints as she gets older. You can pick these up here!


We've been hiking! Biscuit has to carry her own weight by bringing her own snacks and treats in her little saddle bags! We picked up ours here, but you can check your local pet store for something similar. 

Paw Salve

We use the Musher's Secret Salve all year round to keep Biscuit's paws conditioned. The hot ground can be bad for puppy's delicate toes, so we like to keep a layer of this on her. We also follow the golden rule -- if the pavement is too hot for your bare feet, it's too hot for hers. 

Water Bottle

We take Biscuit's pop out water bottle with us every time we go out for more than a few hours. We all know that you should not leave your dog in a hot car. But we've all stopped at a quicktrip station or the office after hours and ran inside for just a minute. For those actually five-minute trips, it's important to give your dog some water. I like this waterbottle to pop open and leave with her.

That's what we're using to keep Biscuit happy this July. What's your dog's favorite?

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