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Get Your Best Skin

Get Your Best Skin

One of my favorite ways to give my skin a boost when it's looking less than great is sheet masks. I've recently been experimenting with Korean skincare as part of my routine and it led me to When face masks. The major issue with Korean skincare is that it can be hard to find, or take forever to ship. This is neither, because it's available at Sephora! It's also a fairly affordable line, rare for Sephoras! 

Something that I love about When is than their masks are made from all-natural coconut cellulose, so it's also not the worst thing for the environment. The website also mentions that the special material can hold ten times more essence than the traditional paper masks. I don't know about that number personally, but the mask is very saturated with essence and doesn't lose its moisture for a long time after applying to the skin. You can leave them on longer than the thirty minutes because they will still be moist and refreshing. 

I've been trying out five different varieties of face masks:

• 10:00 PM - Anti-aging with watermelon extract and collagen to help improve skin overnight.

• Glamour Base - Priming mask with adenosine, collagen, and peptides to improve skin elasticity before wearing makeup. 

• Snow Magic - Brightening with vitamin B3 and aloe vera to eliminate dullness and enhance natural glow.

• The Last Choice - Hydrating mask to keep skin moisturized and beautiful. 

• Travel Mate - Rejuvenating with chamomile and herbs to soothe skin that's been dehydrated by long flights or car rides. 

Today, I want to talk about my two favorites, Snow Magic and Glamour Base. 

Snow Magic, for dull and dehydrated skin, is meant to reduce hyperpigmentation and those nasty post-zit dark spots. The big thing with my sheet masks is that I need to see a difference right away. With Snow Queen, I used it before bed, didn't see a huge difference and went to bed. The next morning, however...acne spots, GONE. Skin, BRIGHT. I got so many compliments on my skin, and all from this one mask. When you work in a primarily female-driven office, we talk about how each other look quite a lot. This is the most compliments that I've ever gotten in one day. 

A few days later, I had been woken up extra early by the dog, and tried out Glamour Base. I had some time for it to work it's magic before I needed to apply foundation, so it was the perfect opportunity. This one had a more botanical scent than the Snow Queen mask, but worked much the same. In addition to intense hydration, this mask made my skin so smooth and my pores practically vanished. I didn't use a serum that day as part of my skincare, and I also didn't use any primer. My makeup was still looking fresh at the end of the workday, and the results carried through to the next day. I like that this is a relatively unique concept. A face mask meant to be used as a primer for makeup? It was something I hadn't seen before, which is pretty rare for someone as deep in the beauty news as I am. 

Now, a review without any negatives is a commercial, and that's not what this is. I did find the mask kind of hard to manipulate. You have to peel off both sides of the backing which is difficult for me, especially when the mask is as super-saturated with liquid. I also don't think that this mask is cut for someone with my face shape. I had a lot of trouble getting it to stay in place around my mouth and forehead. This isn't unusual for k-beauty masks, but it still can be frustrating.  I will say that there is one thing about these masks that I am not a fan of. I really really liked these masks, so these problems are definitely not enough for me to avoid buying them in the future. For the price, the quality of these is really incredible, and I would recommend them again and again. Although I only discussed two, all five of these are real gems, and if you're in Sephora, you should give them a try. For $7 you can't go wrong. 

If you'd like to learn more about When masks, you can check them out at their website hereor stop by a local Sephora to chat with a beauty expert. 

What are your favorite sheet masks? Always looking for suggestions!

Hey! Thanks for still reading. Just letting you know that When did very nicely send alsong these face masks as a press sample for me to try. They didn't tell me what to say, and this post was not sponsored! If you have any questions on press samples or sponsorships, it's totally okay to ask. I want this to be a transparent place. :) 

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