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Can't Miss Spots in Bozeman

Can't Miss Spots in Bozeman

Most people, if they’re visiting Montana, go to Bozeman. Bozeman is the spot. And it is! I would be lying if I said that I didn’t love Bozeman, because I do! We’re fairly close, and go down for the day or the weekend every few weeks and I truly do think it’s one of the most fun places in the state. I thought I would give you the local(ish) perspective on where is worth spending your time and money.

Shop It

I love to shop and downtown Bozeman is my weakness. Our first stop is usually Heyday, a small paper goods and gift store that has something for literally everyone. I do most of our Christmas/birthday/mother’s day/father’s day shopping there and can always find something. They do have an online shop that you can check out!


For clothes, there are two separate stores, Evrgreen and Revolvr, for women and men respectfully. If you want to get your fill of mid-range high-quality clothes to make you look like a cool chick, this is the spot. I’ve bought New Year’s outfits here, shoes, sweaters…Charles can always find something he loves at Revolvr. Bonus: they usually have beer, cider, or cocktails on tap for free while you shop.


When we travel, or just head out of town, I like to pick up some art. Half the reason that we need a new house is to make room for all of the art that I keep buying. Indikoi is a fun place to just spend a few minutes. They have tons of art from all over the US, and from some local artists, the people are cool, and it’s just a really cool space. Lastly, one of the finest bookstores in the country is Country Bookshelf. The staff there is so gracious and extremely happy to help you find wonderful books. It’s also not a bookstore that’s secretly half a gift shop. It’s all books.

Eat It

I like to eat. For lunch, I would recommend Blackbird for the fanciest, most delicious pizza you’ll have in your entire life. Then, head for drinks at the Plonk wine bar. Their food is also spectacular and Charles and I eat there all the time. Great craft cocktails as well. If you’re looking for something a little fancier, I highly recommend Open Range for farm-to-table, extra fancy food.

See It

If you’re in Bozeman to see the sights, I recommend first going to the Museum of the Rockies. First of all, it’s a Smithsonian Affiliate so it’s an extremely high caliber museum. It also has one of the best dinosaur collections in the whole world, and is wonderfully curated and immersive. It also has permanent indoor and outdoor regional history exhibits and a planetarium. Definitely plan to spend a few hours there. Also in town is the Galligator Trail, a walking trail that snakes behind the public library and through town. It has public art installations and really gives a feel of how Bozeman is culturally.


If you’re more interested in getting out of town a little ways, my two favorite spots are the Bridger Bowl for skiing/snowbaording in the winter, or hiking in the summer. The other is Hyalite Canyon & Surrounding Trails. It’s a beautiful, fairly easy hike, with a nice waterfall at the end!

Tell me, what’s the best stuff to do in your town?

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