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Do You Need a Bronzer Palette?

Do You Need a Bronzer Palette?


There, that’s the end of the post. Or is it?

Let’s get real up in here. You do not need a bronzer palette. So why are they for sale, and why would someone like you (me) need one? Finally, now that I have one, how do I get the most use out of it?

Above I linked a few options for ones that I’ve used and liked in the past. My favorite is probably the Tarte Tarteist Pro-To-Go Sculpt and Highlight Set. I’ll be using that one to illustrate some of the finer points today.

Why are they for sale?

Simply, because they can package up more to sell you, and you’ll spend more money. One bronzer is $20, but this PACK OF SIX (!) is $49! So you buy that one. The companies usually say something about how they aren’t for everyone, just for makeup artists. If they truly believed that, they wouldn’t be available at every price point and at nearly every retailer now.

Who needs one?

Makeup artists and people working on multiple skin tones, of course, need one. That’s sort of the limit on “need”. You may want one if you change skin tone throughout the year (self tanner life) or if you are doing both contouring and bronzing. Or, if you wear a lot of different eye looks and adjust your bronze as needed.

What do I do with the one I have?

This is where I’ll jump to specifics, given the bronzer/highlighter palette that I use the most. In this palette, there are six shades. It retails for $45 and although it allegedly has “highlighters” I’m fair enough that most of them are actually able to be used for bronzing.

Okay. Let’s go through it. The lighter shades (Strobe and Lit) are highlighters. Slap them on the high points of the face, to look beautiful. Fire and Sculpt are for adding warmth to the face, like a true bronzer, and Shade is for contouring (that’s the cream one). So, depending on if a look is cool or warm, I’ll swap between Strobe or Lit, because of their differing undertone.

So, if you’re on the fence about buying a bronzer palette, here’s some ideas of what to ask yourself.

  1. Do I do makeup on other people of diverse skintones?

  2. Do I significantly change in skintone from summer to winter?

  3. Do I switch up my eye makeup from warm to cool?

If yes to any of those, then a bronzer palette might be for you!

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