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Dietary Supplements I Take (and Why!)

Dietary Supplements I Take (and Why!)

Let’s talk supplements. I am on the fence about so many of them. Every once in a while I will get a weird message from someone trying to sell me supplements or essential oils or something like that. I do a ton of research about everything that I put into my body, and right now, not much makes the cut in terms of these supplements.

I know that supplements are super controversial, but even when you diet is perfect – you are the captain of the food pyramid – there still might be some extra things that you need. I know that I need this, and I eat pretty healthily. Right now, here are the four dietary supplements that I think ae worth my time right now.

dietary supplements

General disclaimer: I live with a nurse, and we both love researching healthcare. Before taking anything, even if you can buy it off the shelf at Walgreen’s, you should do your research and/or consult a doctor. Make sure you also double check any potential medication interactions!


I’m personally deficient in a few vitamins and minerals, so I pop a multivitamin every day to help with that. I like the gummy ones so that I’m more inclined to want to take them. This is something that I can’t really see the results of, but I’m optimistic it’s not hurting me.

Water Retention Supplements

This is probably the most controversial one in the list. Two things – I hate water weight. I have high blood pressure. All this does is make you pee more. But, it lowers my blood pressure and cuts bloating! Win-win. I will say not to take this right before bed. This has a very noticeable sudden effect.


I have some real problems with sticking to a sleep schedule (don’t we all!) and the melatonin helps me get to sleep. When I know that I need to be asleep in half an hour, I’ll pop one of these and be in a great place to fall asleep and stay asleep for a good 8 hours. I like the fast dissolve ones.


I occasionally get very bad muscle cramps in my legs. I have some issues with one of my knees and the muscles sometimes seize up very painfully. It seems to be worse after heavy exercise. Taking some straight up magnesium is the only thing that seems to help.

That’s what I’m taking every day! If you have questions, I’m totally fine to answer them. I know getting into supplements can be daunting, but start by doing your own research and see where that starts to leave you. Remember to be critical and to find info from people not trying to sell you something!

This post may contain affiliate links, especially for Amazon. I will never sell you something that I don't personally use and vouch for.

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