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Staying Sun Safe

Staying Sun Safe

It's July. And gorgeous. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and we're all getting sunburned. Well, not all of us, I hope. Both my family and Charles's have a pretty rough history of cancer, and I want to do everything I can to reduce my chances! Here's how I stay sun-safe.

1. Tanning beds were actually invented by satan, and you should not use them.

I think we all know by now that tanning beds are bad. It makes my skin crawl every time that I hear a teenage girl talk about needing to tan for prom. Using a tanning bed just once drastically increases the chance of getting skin cancer. Right now, decide that you won't use tanning beds (again). 

2. The SPF in makeup isn't enough.

My foundation has SPF15 in it. I wear it every day, so I should be good, right? Wroooong. 

3. Use sunscreen every three hours when out in the sun.

This is why that foundation SPF isn't enough. You're not going to keep putting on foundation every three hours. There is no way. Also, you're not rubbing the foundation into your skin, and more than just your face needs the sunscreen. I like to use a high-SPF underneath my foundation, and then follow it up with an SPF setting spray (they exist! like this one) every few hours that I'm out in the sun.

4. Know what the number in front of SPF means.

Did you know that there isn't much difference between SPF 50 and SPF 100? That extra 50 only blocks another 1% of UVA/B rays. Anything above a 30, and you should be good!

5.  Don't forget your eyes, lips, and scalp.

These places get neglected! Wear a hat, sunglasses, and a high-SPF lipbalm. Don't forget the little things!

6. Don't use "needing vitamin D" as an excuse.

You get all the vitamin D you need from just a few minutes outside. No need to bake out in the sun. Or, you could pop a multivitamin.

7. Know your own skin.

If you have any kind of changes, it never hurts to see a doctor. Know what all your freckles and spots look like, and make sure to talk to your doctor anything those bumps change a little bit.

Take care of the skin you're in! I'll see you Friday.

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