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FabFitFun Winter Review | Blogmas #18

FabFitFun Winter Review | Blogmas #18

One of the subscription boxes that I love more than any other is my FabFitFun. It comes only once a quarter, so I feel like they hit it out of the park every time. This month I received the winter edition, and I am excited to say that it was awesome as always. Here's what was inside.


The Fab

The first thing I saw in the box was the 8 Other Reasons Nine Lives Choker ($58). I have the one in the rose gold tone. I hate it. I think that it looks and feels cheap, like something you’d pick up at Claire’s. $58? Nope. It’s not worth it, and I can’t imagine spending almost $60 on it. Something that I think is probably worth it is the Ahava Mineral Hand Cream ($33). It has sort of a weird smell – baby powder mixed with cheap lipstick – but it makes my hands otherworldly levels of soft. It was an instantly noticeable difference.  I’ve also been wrapping up in the BB Dakota Poncho in Mulberry ($70). I will admit, there is a near-zero chance that I will wear this out of the house. It’s not so much a poncho as like a ruana. It has a slit, not just a head-hole. I like it. It’s warm. It’s nice. I would not wear it out of the house probably ever. It’s nice for lounging around the house, but it’s not suited to my style, or to my current wardrobe.

A couple more things…I received the Doucce Freematic Eyeshadow Pro Palette in Nude ($70). Seventy bucks is a little steep for an eyeshadow palette. I have also not been a fan of any of the doucce products I’ve tried before. This is okay. It’s very heavy on the glitter, and has a huge amount of fallout. The colors are super wearable though, and it’s conveniently sized for travel, so I’ll be using it. Would I pay for it at full price though? No.

A product that was not new to me was the Kate Somerville Exfolikate Treatment ($75). I’ve used this on and off in the past depending on my skin. It is very abrasive, and I can’t handle using it more than once or twice a week. If you like a lot of exfoliation, this is a cult classic, so it’s worth a try. Something that I’m a little more hesitant about are the Grace & Stella Anti-Wrinkle Eye Masks ($16). These make my eyes feel nice, but the application is a super unpleasant. They don’t stick well and slide all over the place. They also have a strange smell. Not a fan.

The Fit

The only fitness item this month was the FabFitFun TV Fitness Ball ($16). Jillian Michaels also made a series of seven videos on how to use your new fitness ball. It’s pretty small, and has a textured surface so it won’t slip out of your hands when things get sweaty. I’ve used these before at barre classes, so it seems convenient to have one at home now too.                                


The Fun

For a couple of fun things, I received a Homemade by Ayesha Curry Mug ($16). I love this mug. It’s minimalistic and says “coming in hot” on the side and is very now. It’s also big and perfect for a cozy Sunday morning cup of coffee. Along with that morning coffee, the Pointe Studio Aloe Infused Socks ($19) are a godsend. They are cozy and warm and make your feet softer with their aloe-infused fabric. Does that work or is it just a placebo effect? No idea.

So, overall, some hits, some misses. I'm still happy with the box. If you're interested, you can pick one up here. The box retails for $49.99 a quarter, and cheaper if you purchase an annual subscription.

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