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Hair Routine for Soft, Manageable Curls

Hair Routine for Soft, Manageable Curls

For those of you who are just checking in -- I've got big hair. It's got some issues. It's dry, it's color treated, and I'm growing out straight-across bangs that have been part of me for almost four years. The easiest way to make this grow-out look good has been to spend more time embracing my natural texture.

Everything that I let touch my hair:

Kristen Ess Signature Shampoo and Conditioner

I am usually really fickle about shampoo. I'll try one, it's fine, but not awesome, and then I'll switch. Not the case anymore! I'm on my third bottle of both of these! I feel like this is one shampoo I'll stick with. It's sulfate and silicone free and smells like cucumbers. I've caught Charles stealing this on occasion. It really is that good. It claims to use zip-up technology to seal split ends, which I don't really believe, but it does leave my hair moisturized and residue-free. 

Not Your Mother's Blonde Moment Purple Shampoo

I have a fairly subtle ombre that's around six months old. I was surprised at how brassy it gets. My brown hair also pulls red very easily. Because of that, once a week or so, I shampoo with this. It takes out those red tones and brassiness, and you can totally use it on brown hair! It's not just for blondes.

Garnier Fructis Damage Repairing Treats

I use this after my hair has just been washed. A quarter-sized amount helps my ends stay extra moisturized. I've found that this works the best for warding off split ends. 

Not Your Mother's Curl Defining Cream

Okay, I used the damage repair treat on my ends, I use this on my roots to help add some vertical lift and to define my wave pattern. I usually add a little extra through my bangs to hold them in place.

Dry Bar Triple Sec Dry Shampoo

Hey. Nobody has time to wash their hair everyda. Maybe if your hair is reallllly short. Not mine. I do not have time for that. I bounced back and forth between this dry shampoo and the Living Proof PHD dry shampoo, but this one is just better. It's dumb expensive but it really makes the biggest difference when it comes to my hair. My hair looks like it's on the first day after washing, even on day four. It also doesn't leave a white cast, or a weird smell.

L'Oreal Elnett Hair Spray

I don't often use hairspray, but I will, on occasion, want a little bit of extra hold. This one has been my most reent favorite because it makes it possible to brush out my curls. Wait, what? You know that breaks like the first commandment of curly hair? I know, but hear me out. The hold is that good. My curls usually don't look super fun the next day unless they're treated with some kind of high-hold product. I spray this all over my curls, go to bed, and then brush them out the next day, and I'm good to go! Hair s touchable, not stiff, but still looks great!

Your turn! What are your favorite hair products for perfect, touchable hair?

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