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Share the Love - Sephora Play February 2018

Share the Love - Sephora Play February 2018

Like last month, I was feeling a little disappointed going into my Sephora Play this month. This time, I felt better about the theme (Feel the Love), but the product array was probably the most lackluster that I had seen! 

As per usual, there are five items, plus a bonus sample. Each box also comes with a Play! Pass, which you can redeem for a one-on-one tutorial in-store, plus 50 bonus Sephora points. I no longer live within three hours of a Sephora, so that is kind of wasted on me.

sephora play february swatches

Lancome Drama Liqui-Pencil in Noir Intense - $9.58

A long-lasting, richly pigmented eyeliner that glides on smoothy and is easy to use.

I like a good eyeliner, as has been well-documented. This strikes me as a boring choice. I get a black eyeliner about every other month from Sephora Play. It's not special to see one in the box. I think I would have liked this more if it came in a different, more novel shade. That said, it's a criticism of the subscription box, not of Lancome. This eyeliner is great, and it goes on inky black and stays put. I liked how quickly it set, and it stays on intensely long. I am a fan, overall. 

Would purchase? Yes, maybe in another color. 

Sephora Collection Rouge Matte Lipstick in Rebel Chic - $2.38

A super-matte yet ultra conditioning lipstick in a flattering long-lasting berry shade.

I feel that these are going out which is why Sephora is loading them off. They are on clearance for $7 on the Sephora website. If that is the case, I'm disappointed in the shrimpy size of this lipstick. I also heard from loads of people that their bullets are breaking apart immediately after opening. Yikes. I like the color, but the texture and smell are not great. It wears and feels like a drugstore lipstick, and I expect better from Sephora. As I wore this, it also is feathering all over the place. If you're looking for that popsicle-lip-middle-school look, this is FOR YOU!

Would repurchase: No!

Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in Always Red - $3.64

A silky, lightweight lip formula in a bright, classic red that lasts from day to night. 

Also continuing on the why are you doing this to me Sephora train, I got this teensy little lip stain. I am not a fan of this one either. It smells really artificial and gross. It looks gorgeous on, but I can't get past the smell. I also wish it felt better. The silky smooth formula is super drying and doesn't wear well throughout the day.

Would repurchase: No!

First Aid Beauty Ginger & Turmeric Vitamin C Jelly Mask - $6

A revitalizing jelly mask that's packed with ginger and turmeric to comfort and brighten stressed-out skin.

First Aid Beauty is one of my favorites. All of their skincare is awesome and easy to use, and it works for my sensitive skin. I haven't tried any of their makeup yet, but it's on my list! This was a new one for me. Typically vitamin A is used for brightening, and I didn't see much of that happening, but it does certainly clean out my pores. It has a nice ginger scent and goes on in a smooth, jelly consistency. It dries down as well after about five minutes and comes off easily. 

Would repurchase? Yes.

Belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb - $9.60

A  lightweight eye cream for a boost of moisture and refreshed-looking eyes.

I'm digging on Belif these days. Their Hungarian water cream is a really great addition to my skincare routine and I was so excited to try out this moisturizing eye bomb. I like it because it doesn't get tacky or sticky like some eye creams, and it sinks in quickly. Also, for an eye cream, it's at a pretty good price point. 

Would repurchase? I would.

Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb

This warm and spicy fragrance is like a bouqet of sweet flowers mixed with deep woody notes. 

Okay, so if the products are good, why did I feel extreme disappointment in this box? Well, there are two non-high-end brands, from the Sephora's own collection, which is not what I come to this box for. I have also received eight, count em', eight red lipsticks in the past year. It's not that I hate red lipsticks, because I don't, but I think that it's completely lacking in creativity and becoming terribly boring. Hopefully, next month shows a little bit more imagination.

What was your favorite item from your subscription boxes this month?

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