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Healthy Eating When Traveling

Healthy Eating When Traveling

I love to travel.

I also love to eat essentially trash.

You name, I like to eat it. I just like to eat. Period.

Anyway, I have been paying way more attention to how I eat and what I put into my body. I’m feeling a million times better (not an exaggeration). I have more energy, I feel stronger and more healthy…there’s lots of good benefits to eating well. And it’s easy for me….when I’m at home.

Travelling is a rough time on my general diet, but I’ve been working at doing better at it. Here’s my general strategy.


Road Trips & Gas Station Food

I go ahead and pack a cooler for roadtrips so that I don’t have to stop for snacks as much. I try to stock it with things like fruit and babay carrots. When I’m driving, I like to snack and snack, so I try to make sure that I have things to eat that make me feel better, not worse. At gas stations, if I’m buying food, I try to stick to that like deli-cooler situation that most places have, and I usually get some meat or jerky, and cheese or cheese curds. High protein, and good caloric pay-off. If I can, I try to go for ones that have fewer additives, but often you can’t be too choosy if you’re eating from the Kwik Trip.


Airport eating is fickle at best. I bring an empty water bottle, so I can fill it up past security. I also pack bars and little snack packs of nuts. I also like to pack extra when I’m doing a flight that has a layover in case I get stuck and need to eat something.

Side note: if you need to get some fast food (and I doooo), Taco Bell actually has the best “healthy” options. Whatttt? No seriously. Look it up. Taco. Bell.

Happy travels!

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