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Long Distance Moving with a Dog

Long Distance Moving with a Dog

We have arrived in our new place! I always feel like moving, no matter how prepared you are, is a mad dash. This time, we were the most prepared that we have ever been. Of course, Biscuit moved with us, because we could never move without her! We are very lucky that my parents came to help us move which made it easier to balance the moving truck, two cars, and a dog. Mom and dad are still here, just while we’re settling in, and it’s been great! Getting the move over has also lifted a huge load off of my shoulders!

Anyway, I got a lot of questions as to how moving with a dog goes. For those of you not in the know, Biscuit is also very senstive. She has multiple allergies and isn’t good with change, the poor thing. Moving this time has been a little easier because all of her people have been with her, not just me, so it hasn’t been quite as bad.

Biscuit and I drove out here in my little Chevy with my mom, although there was a rotating cast of people driving cars or vans. She was really not pleased about the whole thing. It’s a 16 hour drive in good weather, and we got really lucky, setting out early and driving and driving and driving and not stopping too often. The last time we did this move, it was January, and we could only go about 40 miles an hour, so I’m pretty happy with the actual length of the trip.

Tip: Plan out stops in advance.

We knew where we were driving, and how long it would take, so I went ahead and picked out some spots for us to stop in advance! I tried to include some dog parks and dog-friendly restarants to better cater to our precious puppy. Even if it means we can get out and jog for just a few minutes, it makes things so much better on Biscuit.

Tip: Have your new place as dog-proofed as possible before you bring pupper!

For this, we needed to have her dog food and bowls packed separately for easy unpacking as soon as we arrived. It also meant putting in a fence to our new property before she arrived. Having that taken care of immediately meant that she could start exploring and thinking of the place as hers right away! We were lucky in that the only spot in our yard that needs to be fenced is also attached to a four foot high wall, so we only had to fence a teeny tiny bit of the yard. It also meant we didn’t have to worry as much about her when we were unloading boxes and starting to unpack.

Tip: Pack special snacks and foods for your dog.

Biscuit hates to eat when she’s stressed. I get kind of worried about her when she goes that long without wanting food because she’s usually so food motivated. I pack her special food and treats (and the occasional hamburger) so that she’s motivated to eat and to better enjoy the trip, like it’s something special.

We made it to our wonderful new house, thankfully, with less stress than normal! I hope these tips help you out if you’re moving crosscountry with your pretty puppy!

Have you ever moved with a dog? What are your tips and tricks?

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